Story Samples & Contests

I love writing contests! 
What great opportunities for inspiration and flexing those writing muscles. 

Picture Book Contests
The Bored Knight -PB Party 2023 - Top 12 Honorable Mention
What a Princess Needs - PB Chat Mentorship Winner 2021
More Than a Hole - Rate Your Story PB Contest 2015  - Honorable Mention
Allergic to Fun - Vesper Stamper's Cruel Summer Contest 2014 - Winner
Mapmaker - Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest 2013 at Write Wild! Winner
Don't Splash the Mama - Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest 2012 at Write WildWinner

"Are We There Yet?" - Spring Fling 2023
"Where You Are" - 50 Precious Words 2023 - Honorable Mention
"Yeti Yells" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2022 - Finalist!
"Bloom" - 50 Precious Words 2022
"Quiet as a Butterfly Fart" - Kids Choice Contest 2022 - Honorable Mention
"Charmadillo" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2021 -Finalist
"Muddy Monster" - Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2021
"Dragon in Love" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2020
"Zombie Prom" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie 2019 - Honorable Mention
"Stupid Sock" - 50 Precious Words 2019 - 10th place
"I Loved a Worm" -Just "Write" Sub Six Poem contest 2019 - Runner Up
"Five Hungry Zombies" -Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2018
"The Bully Spell"- Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2015
"The Crocodile and the Plover"  - Arbordale Publishing Poetry Month Contest 2014 - Winner!
"Sulky Spider's Spooky Webs" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2014 - 3rd place
"White Cat's Halloween" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2013 -Honorable Mention
"No Trick or Treat for Jack"  -  Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2012

Flash Fiction

"Sorry, Pumpkin" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest, 2021
"Waiting" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest 2020
"The Witch's Cat" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest 2019- Winner!

Short Stories
"Love is an Adventure" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2023
"My Gummy Heart"Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2022  Honorable Mention
"Witch's Gingerbread House"  Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2021 -Honorable Mention
"Glowing Ghost"- Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2021 
"Sorry Pumpkin" - Fall Frenzy Contest 2021
"Gingerbread Girl to the Rescue" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2020 -Honorable Mention
"Puppywolf!" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie 2020
"Santa's Christmas Wish" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2019
"Don't Eat Your Valentine" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2019 -Honorable Mention
"Squirrel Wraps Up Christmas"- Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2018
"Snow Day Valentine's"- Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2018
"Christmas Wildfire" - Susanna Hill, Holiday Contest 2017 - Finalist!
"Timmy's Sweet Success"Susanna Hill Halloweenise Contest 2017
"Spider's Home" Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2016
"The Billy Goats Valentines Gamble" - Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2016
"My Trashman Gave to Me" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2016
"Squirrel's Famous Winter Feast" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2015
"Jimmy Cantore Steals Christmas" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2014 - Honorable Mention
"Christmas Confusion" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2013
"A Mom to Share" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2012
"Take a Selfie, Valentine' - Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2017
"The Princess and the Stinky Cheese" - Susanna Hill March Madness Contest 2014- 3rd Place!
"The Smusher and The Saver" - Susanna Hill Spring Contest 2013
"Uncle Alfred's Apple Pie" - Susanna Hill 4th of July Contest 2013
"Another Princess to Save" - Susanna Hill Summer Send Off Contest 2012- 5th place
"Copernica" - Writing & Illustrating Picture Prompt Selection - July 2012.
"The Wheel" - Writing & Illustrating Picture Prompt Selection - August 2012.
"My Robot Ran Away" Writing & Illustrating Picture Prompt
"He Loves Me Not" - Writing & Illustrating Picture Prompt Selection - March 2013
"Mischievous Elf on the Shelf"- Wordsmith Studio picture prompt


  1. Again, happy anniversary! I like your gift. What an impressive writing resume you've started. May you have many more successes to come!

    1. I'm a firm believer in celebrating the little things!

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