My Publications & Stories

"Goldibear and Her Sister" -  Clubhouse Jr., July 2020 (Rebus)

"Cleaning Up the Nature Trail"
- Published in Guardian Angel Kids E-zine, August 2019. (Poem)

"Grinchy Gretchen" -  Published on Writing & Illustrating online, 2018 (Poem)

"The Black Box" - Published in Stinkwaves Magazine, April 2015 (Middle Grade Short Story) Siblings Makayla and Jayden realize their home is no longer safe when the kitchen is barricaded, the food stash vanishes, and a giant black box appears in the hall.  When Jayden disappears into the box, Makayla risks her own life to find out what happened to him.

"Copernica" - Published in Spaceports & Spidersilk, January 2014.  (YA Short Story) When Copernica risks a supply run into dragon territory to get a box of chocolate cake, she accidentally leads her nemesis One Eye the dragon back to the village. She just wanted to make her little brother's birthday special, but will she live to celebrate it? 

Picture Book Contests
What a Princess Needs - PB Chat Mentorship Winner 2021
More Than a Hole - Rate Your Story PB Contest 2015  - Honorable Mention
Allergic to Fun - Vesper Stamper's Cruel Summer Contest 2014 - Winner
Mapmaker - Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest 2013 at Write Wild! Winner
Don't Splash the Mama - Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest 2012 at Write WildWinner

"Bloom" - 50 Precious Words 2022
"Quiet as a Butterfly Fart" - Kids Choice Contest 2022 - Honorable Mention
"Charmadillo" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2021 -Finalist
"Muddy Monster" - Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2021
"Dragon in Love" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2020
"Zombie Prom" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie 2019 - Honorable Mention
"Stupid Sock" - Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words 2019 - 10th place
"I Loved a Worm" -Just "Write" Sub Six Poem contest 2019 - Runner Up
"Five Hungry Zombies" -Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2018
"The Bully Spell"- Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2015
"The Crocodile and the Plover"  - Arbordale Publishing Poetry Month Contest 2014 - Winner
"Sulky Spider's Spooky Webs" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2014 - 3rd place
"White Cat's Halloween" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2013 -Honorable Mention
"No Trick or Treat for Jack"  -  Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2012

Flash Fiction

"Sorry, Pumpkin" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest, 2021
"Waiting" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest 2020
"The Witch's Cat" - Fall Writing Frenzy Contest 2019- Winner!

Short Stories
"My Gummy Heart"Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2022  Honorable Mention
"Witch's Gingerbread House"  Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2021 -Honorable Mention
"Glowing Ghost"- Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2021 
"Sorry Pumpkin" - Fall Frenzy Contest 2021
"Gingerbread Girl to the Rescue" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2020 -Honorable Mention
"Puppywolf!" - Susanna Hill Halloweensie 2020
"Santa's Christmas Wish" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2019
"Don't Eat Your Valentine" - Susanna Hill Valentiny 2019 -Honorable Mention
"Squirrel Wraps Up Christmas"- Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2018
"Snow Day Valentine's"- Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2018
"Christmas Wildfire" - Susanna Hill, Holiday Contest 2017 - Finalist
"Timmy's Sweet Success"Susanna Hill Halloweenise Contest 2017
"Spider's Home" Susanna Hill Halloweensie Contest 2016
"The Billy Goats Valentines Gamble" - Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2016
"My Trashman Gave to Me" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2016
"Squirrel's Famous Winter Feast" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2015
"Jimmy Cantore Steals Christmas" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2014 - Honorable Mention
"Christmas Confusion" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2013
"A Mom to Share" - Susanna Hill Holiday Contest 2012
"Take a Selfie, Valentine' - Susanna Hill Valentiny Contest 2017
"The Princess and the Stinky Cheese" - Susanna Hill March Madness Contest 2014- 3rd Place
"The Smusher and The Saver" - Susanna Hill Spring Contest 2013
"Uncle Alfred's Apple Pie" - Susanna Hill 4th of July Contest 2013
"Another Princess to Save" - Susanna Hill Summer Send Off Contest 2012- 5th place
"Copernica" - Critiqued by Literary Agent Sean McCarthy in July 2012.
"The Wheel" - Critiqued by Editorial Consultant Sarah Cloots in August 2012.
"My Robot Ran Away"
"He Loves Me Not" - Critiqued by Literary Agent Janine Hauber in March 2013
"Mischievous Elf on the Shelf"- a holiday picture prompt at Wordsmith Studio


  1. Again, happy anniversary! I like your gift. What an impressive writing resume you've started. May you have many more successes to come!

    1. I'm a firm believer in celebrating the little things!

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