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Kidlit Spring Fling... What's up with this weather?!

**UPDATE: My poem made the finalists! Yay!** Spring is here with it's unpredictable weather...      Raining? Probably.            Sunny? Could be.                 Snowing? Definitely if you just put away your snow boots.                        Windy? You betcha.                                Forecast that you dressed wrong? 95% chance.  ...and the Spring Fling Kidlit contest. Enter your 150-word or less story based on a spring gif here . Here is my silly reflection on wild spring weather...  The Weather is Funny (140 words)  Winter and spring are having a fight.  It’s warm through the day, then freezing at night.   Yesterday’s snowman melted to runny. It’s sleeting a rainbow. This weather is funny!   A robin regrets returning so soon. The black bear decides to sleep until June.   I try to go fishing, the water looks nice. But I cast so slowly— my hook's stuck in ice.  

Thank you 2023! A gratitude post

Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas is a magical renewal process that lets you give last year a hug and wave goodbye to ready your soul for the year ahead. Day 7 is about  gratitude   and I’d love to take a moment to send some thanks out in the world. * You need A LOT of support when you’re writing! Thank you to my tribe:  My local writers support group for always being there, making writing less solitary, and listening to assorted rants… Marlaina, Mitu, Donna, Rebecca, Suzanne, Andria, Ariel, Chana, Kathleen, Naomi, Linda, Marilyn , and others who pop in—Thank you! My critique group partners who encourage me to keep going and help me polish manuscripts. Daniella, Ryann, Alice, Stephanie, Karen, Jamie, Sarah, Aimee, Linda, Amy.   YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Special thanks for the authors who critiqued my work this year: Carol Joy Munro, Malcolm Newsome, and Justin Colon for critiquing my work. 12 x 12 participants, host Julie Hedlund, leaders, and all the webinar guests! M