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Sweater Weather is Here!

The fireplace has been crackling in the chilly mornings, because my husband is resistant to turning on the heat. Dressing requires a t-shirt plus flannel plus sweater to start the day which are removed when the sun glows bright and found again when the evening cools. My footsteps crack on acorns and shuffle in leaves.  Ahhhh.... FALL.  Plus there are always lovely writing prompt contests to keep my fingers warm. Here's one... Seven Spooky Sentences  hosted by Lynne Marie and Heather Macht runs 9/25-9/30.  "What is 7 Spooky Sentences? A just-for-fun writing contest with NO judging. This is simply to get your creative juices flowing. Your entry automatically makes you eligible for some pretty spook-tacular prizes." I really love their suggested 7-sentence plot, because it is a gateway to writing a picture book! It tricks you into thinking in just seven sentences, but voila you have the skeleton of a plot.  Sentence One: Introduce your setting Sentence Two: Introduce your c

Where I Write

  I'm over on the Little Thoughts Press blog this month sharing for their series "Where I Write."  Here's the beginning... (p.s. I LOVE that the construction picture is what comes up first as if I am writing in an abandoned building with just a crayon to scrawl my whimsies on the wall.)  A few years ago, I became very annoyed with a storage cabinet thingy in my bedroom. Perhaps because I read The Littles when I was younger, I knew this little space under the eaves could be turned into a lovely space. I didn't want the space to feel like Harry Potter's room under the stairs, so I opened it up. I created a tornado amount of noise and dust. Continue Reading here ....