Are We There Yet #Springflingkidlit

Spring has sprung! (At least so says my tulips and the kids' Spring Break schedule.) To celebrate the season, Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez are hosting the Spring Fling Kidlit challenge. Enter here. 

The basics: Choose a kid-appropriate gif to inspire a 150-word of less story for kids 12 and under. The Spring Fling contest officially begins on Saturday April 1st and closes April 3rd. 

I was inspired by this gif of a whale mom and baby migrating, a journey that starts in April.  Aww! So cute!

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Are We There Yet? 

By Lauri C. Meyers

The ocean warms with spring.
Gulls have taken wing.
The current’s pull is strong
And hums migration’s song.
Mama whale conveys 
The change of coming days,

                “Northern waters call!”
But baby tries to stall. 
I like this seaweed reef 
That tickles me beneath.
                            “There’s a world to see!
                               Come explore with me.”
            I’ll miss my dolphin friends
            And how the sunlight bends.
                               “No matter where you roam,
                                The ocean is your home.” 
            How far will we go? 
                                “A thousand miles or so.”
            That’s too far I fear. 
                                “You’ll always have me near.”
            Tell me what we’ll see.
                                “Ice that’s floating free.”
            What’s it like at night?
                                “A dancing sky of light.”
            Will there be any fun? 
                                “Plankton by the ton.” 
            I’ll learn to fish I bet!
            Mom, are we there yet?
                                “Do you feel the chill?
                                  An end of journey thrill?”
Jump in celebration—
               I swam my first migration!


  1. What a marvelous and inspirational tale about a mom and baby migration.


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