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“Pink! Pink! Pink!” Book Review of Pinkalicious

      Today you will be treated to a guest post by Kasie Whitener from Life on Clemson Road .  She is a writer, process improvement analyst, jack of many trades, and mom to a Pirate Princess named HB.  She is reviewing the book Pinkalicious , the original book which has turned into a 20+ book series and enterprise for author/illustrator Victoria Kann.        “I neeeeeeed mmmoooorrrre!” HB whines after I’ve given her two cookies.  I respond, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”   I wish I could thank my Momma or Nana for this clever piece of rhyming reason, but I stole it from somewhere else: Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, authors of the Pinkalicious series.   The protagonist is an imaginative little girl whose favorite color is pink.      In the series’ first installment, Pinkalicious , mommy and Pinkalicious are making cupcakes.  After waking up from her nap, Pinkalicious asks mommy for more cupcakes, and her mommy delivers the clever line.  It’s akin to “because

My Teenage Self Reminds Me to Keep Writing

While digging in the attic, I found a book full of sibling rivalry, teen angst, and romance.   It was my binder of writing from school.   I set aside the stories using the week's vocabulary words as I didn't have a dictionary handy, and I entered the magical world of my teenage self. A few stories were typed on my Dad's old typewriter, each letter crisper than a printout can do today.  Some poems were amorphous scribbles crawling across the pages with circles and arrows connecting the rhymes.  Most stories were in soft lilting cursive in pencil.  Teachers must have been so patient to read assignments in cursive. I loved to write poetry.  This feeling was briefly awakened when we lived in Detroit for a couple years, and I wrote rap on my way to work.  Luckily, it was a short commute, and I didn't force anyone to listen to it on lunch break.   Why don't I feel brave enough to try it now?  There were also some dark turns in stories not submitted to school

Mommy Multiple Personality Disorder

It has been a rough week.  I was diagnosed with "Mommy Multiple Personality Disorder."  The psychiatrist found seven personalities.   Let me introduce them to you: "I want the cream cheese ON TOP of the jelly.  DO IT AGAIN MOM!" Best Mommy in the World - This mommy has a lollipop in her purse, plays tag at the park, and always says yes to playing Play-doh.  Best Mommy also gets the kids on their best behavior, because no child can resist a mom who is 100% engaged. Giant Exploding Blueberry Monster - This mommy cannot. Listen. To. Whining. Anymore. If you ask for the cheese balls one more time, Mommy monster's face will turn blue, her muscles will bulge out of yoga pants, and her mouth will explode in a fit of indecipherable yelling. Super Wife - Husband is greeted at the door by the aroma of lobster tail with risotto, a perfectly poured beverage, and a sweet peck on the lips.  The house is miraculously clean, so husband can relax and play wi

How to Catch an Editor Fairy

The girls and I are planning to make a fairy house today.    My daughter is hoping to catch a fairy who paints butterflies.     I want an Editor Fairy.    Here is my plan to catch an Editor Fairy: Decorate a giant cheeseball container to create a lovely post modern design.   Stock the house with lots of tiny books and a mini Keurig with coffee and English teas.  Place the house in a shady reading spot under a tree.  Tweet "Rent-controlled fairy house on shady block.  Books included." Writing will be so much easier with my Editor Fairy!   When I can't find the sweet spot between vivid language and leaving room for the illustrator, she will guide my hand.   When I think a manuscript is done, she will tell me to edit again and again and then one more time for good measure.  Post Modern Fairy House? We will enjoy lovely picnics while I pitch all the crazy book ideas which pop into my head.  "Do Princesses Poop?"  She will let me know there are

How to Start Writing on a $10 Budget

You CAN start writing with just $10!  All you need to write is a paper and pencil.  You can get those free at a street carnival, as long as the Governor's campaign slogan doesn't disrupt your imagination.  Then, you will have $10 left for soda and snacks. Sweet. Oh, you want to get published?  Well, this post isn't called Getting Published on a $10 Budget, though I did start my journey with a $10 budget.  I even looked straight into my husband's eyes and said, "I would like to write children's books.  I need $10 to get started."  Sure, I could have skimmed $10 off of a grocery trip, but creating a budget gave my venture a professional feel and a level of commitment. I even had a spreadsheet: I found a dime in the couch cushion and was good to go.     Where shall we start addressing my naiveté?  I suppose I will show you what I have spent five months later: Three Submissions ($10) First off, I blew the original $10 in the first mo

How Speed Dating Can Improve Your Blogging

Faster than a pitch on an elevator, you have about two minutes to pitch your blog.  At least that's the average visit on my blog.   My longest visit this week- 37 minutes- is really a pretty fulfilling relationship.  My husband probably doesn't get 37 minutes to spend just with me on most days.  But the 2 minute people?  They laugh at a joke, they seem interested, I toss my hair...then they have to visit the restroom.  I don't even get digits. Blogging is like...speed dating.   Could speed dating skills make for stronger blogging?   Luckily, I found speed dating tips from an Expert Pick Up Artist (I was unaware that was a valid job title).  Here's what his tips taught me about blogging.  Spruce yourself up. A great post title is like your bright smile.  Pictures are a must; throw in a video if you are sassy.  I personally like an uncluttered blog with one of those fabulous title banners (that I have yet to create.) Relax and help the other person re

If I Wrote My To Do List at the End of the Day

If I wrote my To Do List at the end of the day, it would look something like this:  Mommy's Monday To Do List: 1.        Spill sippy cup of milk while putting on lid.   Repeat.   Cry over spilt milk. 2.        Try to listen patiently while 4 year old provides multi-faceted rationale for why she should be allowed to eat marshmallows for breakfast.   Start saving for law school.   3.        Fold 23 size 4T shirts even though I just did laundry two days ago. 4.        Bribe 2 year old with 10 donut holes to complete grocery trip.   Hope she dropped some along the way when discover container is empty.    5.        Forget to audit backpack before Pre-K.    After school f ind handful of goldfish, 14 rocks, 3 chapsticks, and body spray.   6.        Find the hiding spot of Friday's sippy cup of milk by smell alone .   7.        Stare at disaster in kitchen before retreating to organize 2 year old's shirts by color.   High Priority. 8.        Get sucked down a

Enter the Book Giveaway by June 4!

The flying monkeys attacked this week! They made my air conditioner leak resulting in the purchase of a furnace & AC unit.  The worst part was probably missing my nap while spending the entire afternoon with the repairman (I needs my nap!).  Instead of getting staying upset I decided those monkeys gave me an "opportunity" to focus on selling a book!  So each time I suck up the still leaking water, I reward myself with 15 minutes of writing.   Ahh, the positive side of the energy map is a good place to be. I did learn something from the Steven Vannoy interview!  If you haven't entered the book giveaway yet, pop over to this post and leave a comment by Monday morning.