Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Santa's Christmas Wish

I've had cookie crumbs on my lip for three days straight, so it must be Christmas! That means wrapping presents, singing about hippopotamuses, and writing for Susanna Hill's annual Holiday Contest! 

The rules: Write a children's holiday story under 250 words about a holiday treat. 

I want to take a quick second to wish everyone the time to be present in the joy of the holidays, a few calming breaths when the traffic gets heavy, and to graciously receive a gift literal or figurative they didn't expect. Happy Holidays!

Here's my story: 

Santa's Christmas Wish

"Handlebar moustache last year...
pork chops this year?"
(by Julia Freeman-Woolpert via
Santa knew the toy-making days were few when he opened a letter from Charlotte. He guessed she would wish for the dancing video game or those headphones without wires. The elves would complain about this last-minute coding, but Santa knew dancing and keeping her B in social studies kept Charlotte busy. He bit into a maple chocolate chip cookie to prepare himself.

As he read the letter, a chocolate chip rolled down his beard.

“Dear Santa,

This Christmas after you fly around the world spreading joy, I wish for you to have a day to relax. What do you want for Christmas?

Perhaps some fuzzy socks would soothe your tired feet. Herbal tea could calm your tummy after eating a few million cookies. On a “Top Ten Gifts for Men with Beards” list, they recommend beard oil for a pleasing shine or a beard shaping guide if you want to try a new look.

When I have a snow day off, I like to play games and watch TV and sometimes we order pizza. Do they deliver pizza to the North Pole? You know what, nevermind. I know exactly what I’m getting you! Merry Christmas, Santa!

Love, Charlotte”

Santa’s belly shook, his lips quivered, and he laughed a huge Ho, Ho, Ho. What a treat to be asked what he wanted for Christmas! He loved cozy socks, and the elves made terrible pizza. But what would he look like with a goatee? This could be the best Christmas ever.
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