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Noises in the Closet - SCBWI Write This!

If you are a SCBWI member, you can participate in the new Write This! monthly prompt. Here's the details: Write This! April Contest:  This month, you have 100 words to portray a scene where your character hears a suspicious noise coming from the closet. Create a mood. Surprise us! Deadline: April 20th Guidelines: You must be a current SCBWI member to submit to Write This! Entries must be inspired by the prompt in some way. Please no italics or bold fonts. 12 point text size. E-mail subject line must be titled as follows: Write This_First name_Last name. Each member may only submit one entry per prompt word. E-mail your entry IN THE BODY OF THE E-MAIL, please no attachments to: TIP: Tweet, Facebook and Instagram your submissions! #scbwiwritethis          (this is not how you submit your writing, it's just an extra way to promote your work) My entry for April is a poem I've been working on for awhile, tighte