Saturday, February 10, 2018

Snow Day Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!

Susanna Hill is hosting her third annual Valentiny contest where she forces us to write complete stories in 214 words or less. She's tough, but these contests are great ways to get your inspiration flowing and see what your mind can do with constraints. In this year's contest, someone must be hopeful. You can read all the great entries here. Entries can be posted through 2/14.

In my 146 word story, Joey must try every superstition to get a snow day or risk being Katie's Valentine.

Snow Day Valentine
By Lauri Meyers

Jammies inside out.
Ice in the toilet.
Shake up the snowglobe.
Snow day guaranteed!

Snip lucky snowflakes.
No need to cut hearts.
I’m not gonna be
Katie’s valentine.

Roll ice cream snowmen.
Will she stare at me?
Chow down on scoops of
No School Tomorrow!

Put a dime in the
Window for Jack Frost.
What if she hugs me?
Add a few quarters.

Run outside, spin twice.
She wouldn’t kiss me?   
Yell in the freezer,
“I’m wishing for snow!”

The groundhog said snow.
He is never wrong!
Tuck a spoon under
My pillow tonight.

Alarm clock ringing.
Run to the window.
Grass? Can’t be. Oh no.
I need a Plan B.

“I’m not feeling well.”
“Ate too much ice cream.”
“I can’t go to school.”
“But it’s Valentine’s!”

Draw hearts for Katie.
Drag my feet to school.
Learned my lesson -- don’t
Forget to snow dance.
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