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Christmas Wildfire

Susanna Hill's 7th Annual Holiday Contest is here. The challenge is to write a holiday story for kids with a surprise in under 250 words. Writing friends in Southern California have been posting about the wild fires this week and about finding safety. (Stay safe!!) There is a fire in the Los Padres National Forest , which inspired my 220 word story. Christmas Wildfire By Lauri Meyers Black bear pawed at the ground by a big douglas fir and snorted, “This one.” Elk wrapped the tree with honeysuckle vines, carefully tucking in the ends with his antlers. Bluebird dotted the needles with red Christmas berries. Jackrabbit dangled wild carrots, joyously jumping to the highest branches.   Coyote paced around the tree and howled with delight. Black bear grunted, “Quiet.” Jackrabbit’s nose twitched, “Smoke.” Elk raised his antlers, “Danger.” Bluebird chittered, “Run, run, run!” Coyote snapped at their feet to hurry. Black Bear (by Martha Jane Cordell via fr