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Bloom! A poem for Spring

Vivian Kirkfield hosts an annual #50PreciousWords contest in March which challenges writers to pen a story under 50 words. Please read a few of the wonderful entries in the comments of her post.  I had one of those waking dreams where the muse floats in and prods you with a piece of poetry. She left me with the feeling that morning is so full of hope and possibilities for the day and also fraught with doubt and the weight of expectations. Each day we have to push through the challenges to bloom. Thought it is snowing outside my window, it's hard not to feel the power of Spring approaching.  Here is my entry in 45 words.    crocus in snow taken by Lauri 2017 Bloom By Lauri C. Meyers Sunshine warms my bed. Breaks my hibernation. Hope awakens. Rise. Peel away the covers. Stretch toward the sky. Dare to grow. Sprout. Shake in chilly breezes. Drip with springtime rain. Miss my bed. Pause. Sunshine smiles brightly. Robin calls, “It’s time!” Believe I can. Bloom.  

Ten Years!

      Ten years ago today I wrote my first blogpost. That day I claimed to be Committing to be a Writer.   Posting that on the interwebs for the whole wide world (or really a few writing friends and some spammers) to see must have done the trick, because here I am a decade later still grinding away at this keyboard. (Well, actually it's a new mechanical keyboard that makes a clicky sound like a typewriter, and I love it.) The question "Am I a writer?" still skips by on the sidewalk of my brain on occasion. But now I am wise enough to know the only proof I need is that my pencils have become dull again, so I must be a writer. So what does the next decade hold? Win a contest? Publish a poem in a magazine? Get an agent? Sell a picture book? I sure as sugar hope so , but that's for the stars to decide. All I can control is how many pencils I go through.  I hope it's a lot.  Happy Ten Years! Photo credit: Probably my Mom Giving knife to 3 year old credit: Probably m