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Timmy's Sweet Success- A Halloweensie Story

I've been busy making spider egg sacks,  creating creepy decapitated heads, and smurfing myself this Halloween season.  But once all the goblins were in bed (and the blue face paint removed) there was just enough time to finish my Halloweensie Story. Susanna Leonard Hill's contest challenges writers to create a Halloween story for children in 100 words or less which includes the words Shadow, Monster, and Candy Corn (bonus, candy corn counts as one word.) Post your story by Tuesday October 31st by 11:59 PM EDT. (Otherwise known as "Dude, you only have 30 minutes left")   Timmy’s Sweet Success The monsters were prowling, but Timmy wanted his bag full. A chill stopped him on the sidewalk.   “I vant to suck your sweets,” the vampire said. “Open up,” Timmy said. He shoved candy corn on Dracula’s fangs and ran. He stopped to ring another doorbell, but a growl made him freeze. “I need a chewy snack,” the werewolf said. “Open up,” T