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Why Owls - a Spring Fling Poem

It's snowing one day and hot the next, so it must be Spring! The Spring Fling Kidlit contest is open for entries through 4/3/22. This contest hosted by Ciara O'neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez is for stories under 150 words for kids under 12 inspired by a gif. You can enter here . (I don't know the original source for this meme... but thank you for breaking my brain mystery photographer) My entry is based on a gif that has been bothering me since I saw it last exposes the truth of owls long legs. It's makes me laugh thinking about it! "Excuse Me" on Giphy Why Owls By Lauri C. Meyers   I know why owls have giant eyes: For super sight at night, Tapered tips on powered wings For stealthy gliding flight, Heads that swivel all around Extending what they hear With feathered ears to funnel sounds Of rodents creeping near, Offset ears triangulate The spot to grab the prey, Talons spread to stun a mouse And carry it away. Sharpened beak