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Kidlit Spring Fling... What's up with this weather?!

**UPDATE: My poem made the finalists! Yay!** Spring is here with it's unpredictable weather...      Raining? Probably.            Sunny? Could be.                 Snowing? Definitely if you just put away your snow boots.                        Windy? You betcha.                                Forecast that you dressed wrong? 95% chance.  ...and the Spring Fling Kidlit contest. Enter your 150-word or less story based on a spring gif here . Here is my silly reflection on wild spring weather...  The Weather is Funny (140 words)  Winter and spring are having a fight.  It’s warm through the day, then freezing at night.   Yesterday’s snowman melted to runny. It’s sleeting a rainbow. This weather is funny!   A robin regrets returning so soon. The black bear decides to sleep until June.   I try to go fishing, the water looks nice. But I cast so slowly— my hook's stuck in ice.