Friends with a Werewolf- A Halloweensie Story!

Susanna Leonard Hill's 13th Annual Halloweensie contest is here! This contest challenges you to write a full story in flash form. 

Rules: Write a story for kids in 100 words or less with a Halloween theme and including the words: fright, superstition, werewolf. Enter here

Here's my spooky story about making new friends for 2023. Happy Halloween!

Friends with a Werewolf    (100 words)

By Lauri C. Meyers

 Mom made me invite the new kid trick-or-treating.

“Okay. But it’s weird Bobby has a beard.”

Bobby’s breath smelled like meatballs, but he sniffed out the best houses. He howled at my jokes. (I’m hilarious.) After weird Mr. Jones handed out beef jerky, Bobby traded me Snickers.

Bobby was alright…until the moon appeared. He ran off frightened!

“Guess he’s superstitious?”

Suddenly, this dog trotted up wearing Bobby’s pirate hat.



Meatball breath.

The dog pounced…

… on Joey the Jerk trying to steal my candy bag! Joey ran scared!

“Not this year! I’m friends with a werewolf!”