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Update: Quiet as a Butterfly Fart won an Honorable Mention! Thank you Kailei for the fun contest. See the other winners here. 

How fun is this? Kailei Pew is hosting a kids choice contest with 100 kid judges. Stories can be all kidlit ages, must be under 200 words and posted on her site by the day of twos... 2/2/22. 

So I looked through some unfinished pieces to see if anything spoke to me for this contest. I needed a laugh, and kids need laughs so I give you Quiet as a Butterfly Fart. It's honestly nearly memoir, because me trying to tell quiet bedtime stories almost always devolved to an unfortunate word choice which failed to create sleepiness.  Did I throw Dad under the bus? Maybe. Does Mommy sometimes make body noises? No. Absolutely not. MOMMY IS A PERFECT LADY!  

I hope you get a laugh and visit Kailei's site for more stories. 

Quiet as a Butterfly Fart

By Lauri C. Meyers

Genre: PB

Rest your sleepy head.

Let your sweet dreams start.

The night is quiet as …

A butterfly fart.


The sun has gone to bed,

Nighttime’s dark has come.

The night is dimming like…

A firefly’s blinking bum.


Slow your breathing with

The cricket’s steady chirping.

The night is calming like …

A ladybug burping.


Close your eyes my love

Let sleep come at last.

The air is sweet until…

Daddy passes gas.


  1. Ha ha ha - this will gets lots of kid love I'll bet!

    1. I noticed many of the honorable mentions were farts, poo, burps... I mean our bodies are pretty magical!


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