Waiting ... for a Fall Frenzy

 The Fall Frenzy picture prompt challenge is here. The event is cohosted by Lydia Lukidis and  Kaitlyn Sanchez.   

The challenge is full of fun fall pics, any of which could inspire a good sprint of writing to warm your fingers as the chill of fall sets in. The 200 word limit is a good reminder to keep your writing tight. 

This one inspired me to go YA, a bit unusual for me, but we all need some change :) 

Image 1, courtesy of Unsplash


By Lauri Meyers


Fuzzy socks. Wool blanket. Coffee. I leaned against the porch railing, not letting some cool air keep me from finally seeing Tommy Hendricks on his morning run. Actually, I saw him every morning, but from the safety of my couch peeking through the bay window. I was turning 14 tomorrow, and it was time to pull down the curtains. Today, Tommy would see me.

A yawn slipped out, and I saw my breath. I pulled the plaid blanket over my legs, careful not to hide my perfectly picked Steelers sweatshirt. I touched my hair gingerly hoping the hour of twisting and teasing had resulted in the desired “I rolled out of bed not at all worried about my hair” messy bun.

7:45 and my fingers were going numb. I picked up the coffee hoping to warm my hands. I heard the thump, thump of his Nikes hitting the road. His hoodie hugged his chest, and my hands started to warm up. I took a sip of coffee. The taste of burnt pencils clung to my tongue. I sputtered and gagged.

“Morning,” Tommy called.

“Morning,” I said, dying of embarrassment as he passed.

“Go Steelers,” he yelled.

OMG. Tommy saw me.


  1. Lauri, this is WONderful! SO authentic and original :) And that is the freshest description of black coffee I've ever heard! That's why I don't drink it black! lol Good luck :D oxox

    1. Thanks Donna! I remember trying to make something happen quite a lot:)

  2. I am smiling ear to ear, remembering that feeling at 14,15,16....... This is wonderful and might be last, but certainly not the least. Good luck Lauri! Stay well.🖖🏽

  3. So sweet! The ending almost made me spit out MY coffee as I had to control my laugh and swallow!

  4. I’m hooked. I want to

  5. So cute! I totally want to hear about what happens the next time they meet! :)

  6. Ha! I'm thinking she will probably consider taking up running, but then remember she hates running.

  7. Ahh. Young love. Such a great story. I want to read more.

  8. Ahh. Young love. Such a fun story. I want to read more.

  9. Love this! What a great YA piece. I can definitely see this transforming into a whole manuscript. Good luck!

  10. Love it! I especially appreciated the hour-for-a-messy-bun bit, so real! Good luck!


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