Glowing Ghost...A Halloweensie Story

WHOOOOOOOOO .... There are witches in the air and ghosts in the trees! It's time for the annual Halloweensie contest from Susanna Hill.  This year's contest needs to be 100 words or less, about Halloween, and include: GOODIES, GOOSEBUMPS and GLOW-IN-THE-DARK.  Join in the Halloween fun! You have until Halloween night to enter. 

My entry:

Glowing Ghost  (99 words)

By Lauri C. Meyers


Jayden grabbed his ghostly sheet

And texted:

Friends said:

His GOOSEBUMPS pricked. It’s dark that late.


An idea struck, bring glowsticks to share!

He wrapped the bracelets everywhere.


He stepped outside; still too dim.

A bright solution came to him.


Headlamp on, ten flashlights to haul,

Blinking lights, and a disco ball!


“But my friends might know I’m full of fright…

Wait! This costume hides my lights!”


“GOODIE time!” he called. “Let’s go!”


(Wayhomestudio via freepik)

Oh no. They know.

             “I forgot my light.”

                    “Me too.”

                            “Me three!”

“Don’t be scared...You’ve got me!”

Happy Halloween everyone!  So what if I'm a little chicken...I've watched far too many scary movies to be out on Halloween without a nice bright flashlight and extra batteries. 


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