"Goldibear and Her Sister" 
          Clubhouse Jr., July 2020 (Rebus)

"Cleaning Up the Nature Trail"
          Guardian Angel Kids E-zine, August 2019. (Poem)

"Grinchy Gretchen"
          Writing & Illustrating online, 2018 (Poem)

"The Black Box
          Stinkwaves Magazine, April 2015 (Middle Grade Short Story) 
Siblings Makayla and Jayden realize their home is no longer safe when the kitchen is barricaded, the food stash vanishes, and a giant black box appears in the hall.  When Jayden disappears into the box, Makayla risks her own life to find out what happened to him.
Spaceports & Spidersilk, January 2014.  (YA Short Story) 
When Copernica risks a supply run into dragon territory to get a box of chocolate cake, she accidentally leads her nemesis One Eye the dragon back to the village. She just wanted to make her little brother's birthday special, but will she live to celebrate it? 

"Fair Erasures" 
Hush, Don't Wake the Monster Anthology, March 2023. (YA+ Short Story)




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