Muddy Monster - A Spring Fling short

Ciara Oneal and Kaitlyn Sanchez are hosting a Spring Fling gif challenge: 150 words of less story for kids inspired by a gif (y'know one of those little picture video doo dads)

I've been working like a dog on a home improvement project (a more physical creativity perhaps) and could use a writing exercise to keep me in shape, so here goes!

Here's my gif and 150 word story. 

Muddy Monster

By Lauri Meyers 

A muddy monster trekked inside,

With dirty pies to host a feast.

Showed the gift, but Mommy cried,

“Get out! Get out! You vicious beast!


Mother shooed it down the hall.

Confused, the creature ran away.

Stopped to hear the mother call,

“Where’d my darling daughter stray?”


The monster looked at slimy feet,

Considered grimy dripping shirt

Normal self was clean and neat-

But… a bit more dirt can’t hurt.


She dug a mine for worms and gold,

Cooked a pot of mud and stewed,

Ignored her name while hours rolled

Until her belly growled for food.


She squelched up to the door, but caught:

“The monster’s back! Where are you?”

She had to get by Mom, she thought,  

What could a muddy monster do?


Hello hose, and goodbye mud.

Open the door, ready to lie:

“I fled a creature made of crud!

I missed you so... May I have pie?”


  1. Reminds me of some of my childhood antics. Fun rhymes!

    1. I could have spent 100 words just describing the exquisite mud pies I used to make. I remember going all the way down the block to get the red berries from the corner bush:)

  2. Spring is definitely mud season! Fun entry. Good luck.

    1. It's about this time every year I'm googling "boot storage" and "how to keep mud out of house."

  3. Your GIF is hilarious and your poems reminds me of being a kid in spring.

    1. Those kids aren't just muddy, they are saturated with mud!

  4. This is a great little story!

    1. Thanks Joyce! Love a little story to get the muscles warmed up.

  5. Thanks for sharing this fun story with us for the spring fling Kidlit contest, mud is the best! Sincerely, Kaitlyn Leann

    1. Thank you for hosting! This is a fun challenge:)

  6. I love playing in the mud! Maybe not as much as the cuties in the gif, but this was so fun!

    1. I find myself staring at that mud's perfect level of ooziness. That treatment would cost hundreds at the spa!


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