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Persistence Party

I’ve had a touch of stinkifunkitis in 2015. (No this isn’t the same as the funkysmellitosis I’m also suffering from after a very sweaty yoga class.) My word of the year in 2014 was REVISE. And I revised my patootie off. But this January my revision brain is on vacation. I tried to work it with ReViMo , with medium success. I tricked it into revisions by rereading and analyzing manuscripts when not in front of the computer. Unfortunately, none of the changes are getting finalized into nice final drafts. So when I read Romelle Broas’ blog post this morning – Confessionsof a Writer: So Close Yet So Far  - which opens with this: I have a confession to make. Lately, I've been plagued by doubt, fear, and nonsense talk. I found myself yelling, “OMGollygee, ME TOO!!” Misery loves company, and boy does it feel good to know I’m not the only one facing a lot of self-doubt. But this ain’t no Pity Party. Nope… This is a Persistence Party. After we pin th

A Loss for Words

I haven’t posted in a few-ish weeks (yikes!) I’ve started a bunch of posts, but then just didn’t finish them. I wanted to tell you how I brought the unwrapped Christmas presents down too soon from the attic and put them in my closet. My 6yo discovered these very quickly. When I told her not to go in there, she cried ,  “BUT IT’S ALWAYS JUST BEEN A CLOSET ! I DIDN’T KNOW!”  Luckily she bit her tongue and didn’t tell her little sister what she saw.   I wanted to tell you about how when I needed to get a revision done, I let my kids tattoo me for 15 minutes. They were surprisingly prolific.  Sidenote, temporary tattoos stay on for a long time! Then John Cusick’s blog post yesterday kicked me in the pants. I just needed to start a post with whatever blergh came out of my brain. If I worried so long about what I was trying to accomplish with my post I was sure to accomplish nuthin’. I need to tell you all about when I submitted to an agent in December and got a