Sorry, Pumpkin. Fall Frenzy Contest

Kaitlyn Sanchez ("Math is Everywhere" Blog) and Lydia Lukidis (NO BEARS ALLOWED) are hosting the annual Fall Writing Frenzy

Fall Frenzy stories are inspired by a selection of fall images that range from from funny to spooky and must be 200 words or under, written for children (BB to YA,) posted by October 3 before midnight, and by non-agented writers only. 

I hope you enjoy my cringe-worthy entry inspired by a pumpkin and my awkward adulthood. I mean adolescence. (Who am I kidding? STILL AWKWARD!) 

Halloween- Credit: Samantha Hurley / Burst

Sorry, Pumpkin

By Lauri C. Meyers

200 words

I tugged the pumpkin top, but orange fleshy strings clung to the sides, desperately trying to keep itself together. I felt like the pumpkin, as I struggled to fit in with the cool girls at Hannah Hamilton’s party. Gemma and Ari were already scooping out globs of seeds. I had to keep up. Sorry, pumpkin. I yanked the lid free, then heard a squeal. Three wet seeds stuck to Hannah’s cheeks and forehead.

Mental minutes passed as I watched one seed slide off her face and imagined the repercussions of this blunder. Obviously, I could never eat in the cafeteria again. My daily uniform would be hoodie up, strings pulled. Moving to Peru needed to be seriously considered. I opened my mouth to say goodbye, but then a splash hit my nose and bitter pumpkin slime dripped onto my tongue.

“Yum, pumpkin spice,” I said. Laughter erupted around me.

“What face are you going to carve?” Hannah asked, as if I was welcome to stay. She pressed a paper towel into my hand. “I hope it’s hilarious, like you!”

“Like a huge grin with braces?” I said.

“LOL!” she said. “Instagram us!”

Sorry, pumpkin. Time to put on a smile. 


  1. Acceptance! I love the outcome. And of course, she had options if Hannah banished her. There was always Peru. Very nice voice, Lauri. Good luck to you. --Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)

    1. Thank you Melisa! Yes there's always Peru, though I hope she has more agreeable parents...mine never humored my attempts to run away!

  2. Love the title and the emotion you conveyed in this piece,Lauri! Terrific!

    1. I have middle schoolers right now, and I tell ya some days I feel like a pumpkin getting my guts ripped out. :)

  3. Love the voice in your story. So fun!

  4. Replies
    1. At least for now... you can never tell with the cool crowd.

  5. Great story, Lauri! And gosh, I remember those days of feeling so unsure and worried that you're going to slip up and embarrass yourself in front of everyone ... wait, I still feel like that sometimes :D

    1. That is so true- I didn't have to dig deep into history, trying to fit in is pretty fresh!

  6. Great job, Lauri. Love the voice of your main character. Been there, done that. Good luck!


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