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Cruel Summer

I do really love summer, but WOW does it get busy and go fast! I have had some great things happen in these last few weeks of summer: 1. Hugged a Dinger and a Honker at the same time. (see picture if you are unfamiliar with these characters!) 2. Realized my irrational optimism is genetic when my dad lost his prescription glasses in a wave and my mom and I searched the ocean floor like crazy people. We found a grocery bag, a pair of underwear, 4 pairs of sunglasses, a stingray barb, and eventually... his glasses. 3. Had a red postman butterfly lay a tiny orange egg on my head at the butterfly museum. I'm pretty sure this was a message of love from my grandparents. 4. Have a pumpkin growing from last year's jack o'lantern seeds. 5. Received a magazine acceptance from Stinkwaves for the January 2015 issue! 6. Took the bus into the city all by my big girl self to attend the Children's Book Writing Intensive class at Gotham Writers' Workshop . 7. Won

Writing Process Blog Hop

I was tagged to the Writing Process Blog Hop by Telaina Muir who shared her writing process  last Monday. Thank you for tagging me, Telaina!  1. What am I working on right now? Mainly I'm focused on maintaining my sanity until summer comes to an end and the kids go back to school. Oh, you mean what am I writing? My three best picture book manuscripts are in the freezer right now after significant revisions in July. I'm working on a nonfiction biography picture book, but I keep finding new research that is throwing off my story. Ugh, the  risks of research! I have two PBs I want to try as Easy Readers. I have a feeling they may spark in that format, it's just a matter of trying something new. I'm indulging my dark YA side with a story about a particularly wicked water witch. I was planning to submit this to Spellbound for their Elementals theme, but I just read they are closing. Bummers.  My back log of critiques-received-not-yet-edited pieces n