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Dragon in Love

I wanted to write a story for Susanna Hill's Valentiny contest , but it turns out I must not know anything about love! I had a perfect character and wrote him in 15 (15 I tell you!) situations and it just wouldn't work. I went so far as to review Robin Lovett's " Structure of Romance " on DIYMFA, but I still couldn't make this guy fall in love. Poor fellow was too darn shy, so I had to bench him until next year. Luckily there was another Storystorm  character idea from a few year's back who had potential and was ready, if perhaps too willing to fall in love. If you'd like to play, stories must be for kids, about a curious character, and under 214 words. pic by Graphic Mama Here's my entry in 196 words: Dragon in Love By Lauri C Meyers I wonder what a dragon does when she falls in love. Does she send a valentine by a homing dove?                   Would it be a heart with edges charred a bit, Asking you to share a c