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Is it REALLY Valentine's Day?

 February means being misled by a groundhog, tricked by the crocuses, and bamboozled by the weather. And that's before you add in general Valentine's uncertainty of whether He loves me or He loves me not. Of course, that would leave anyone feeling SKEPTICAL... which brings us to this year's Valentiny contest! The contest is hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill (who is author friends with a very nice groundhog who wouldn't mislead anyone) and the rules are:  write a  Valentines story appropriate for children  (children here defined as ages 12 and under)  maximum 214 words  in which  someone feels   skeptical !      Now I initially thought "skeptical" was a big feeling for little kids, but then I remembered my kids don't believe a single thing I say.            "Carrots are healthy"                                       False.            "Don't wait to study until the night before a test."                                     Ridiculous!