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4 Signs a Writer Isn’t Writing & a Blogiversary

4 Signs a Writer Hasn’t Been Writing 1. Butt cheek indentations missing in writing chair. 2. Spring cleaning nearly done, and it’s still winter.   3. The laundry is done. All of it. 4 Writer can be found dressed as bacon while playing Subway Surf. I’ve snapped these pictures the last few weeks as my Lazy Writeritis has grown out of control.  BUT I told myself I could not post them until the problem had been solved... So seeing them here is GREAT NEWS! I had an awesome writing day yesterday, and here I am writing a blog post today even though more *lovely* *glistening* *please tell me it’s almost over* snow is eminent.  (Really we should all be happy this post didn’t look like a page of The Shining.) More good news: Today is my 3 year Blogiversary! WOW! I’ve gone through so many writing stages and so much growth in the last three years. I know call tons of writers my friends. I’ve helped other writers by sha