Dragon in Love

I wanted to write a story for Susanna Hill's Valentiny contest, but it turns out I must not know anything about love! I had a perfect character and wrote him in 15 (15 I tell you!) situations and it just wouldn't work.

I went so far as to review Robin Lovett's "Structure of Romance" on DIYMFA, but I still couldn't make this guy fall in love. Poor fellow was too darn shy, so I had to bench him until next year.

Luckily there was another Storystorm character idea from a few year's back who had potential and was ready, if perhaps too willing to fall in love.

If you'd like to play, stories must be for kids, about a curious character, and under 214 words.

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Here's my entry in 196 words:

Dragon in Love

By Lauri C Meyers

I wonder what a dragon does when she falls in love.

Does she send a valentine by a homing dove?    
Would it be a heart with edges charred a bit,

Asking you to share a cool banana split?   

Will she trim her cave with roses in a vase,

And set two spoons so you are seated face to face?

Will she flap her leather wings as she licks the bowl,

Then grab your hand in hers to take a little stroll?

Would she use her claw to scratch your name in bark?

Will she whisper “Cutie” with a fiery spark?

Maybe she will puff a poem in words of smoke,

Confessing love for you until you cough and choke?

Would she look at you with wicked winking eyes?

Won’t she fall in love with someone more her size?

“Will you stay for dinner?” makes you want to cry.

You start to see you must be one unlucky guy.

“It’s time for me to go,” you squeak, too scared to say,

You’ve had quite enough of Dragon Valentine’s Day.

She is a lovely dragon, anyone can see-
I only wish she didn’t fall in love with me!


  1. Ha ha, love this. I have a dragon in my story too.

  2. HaHa! Love the last line. Very cute story. Well done!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! My 9-year-old said she didn't see it coming, so that was a vote of confidence:)

  3. Love the charred edge heart invitation! Yes to the banana split!

    1. Once I imagined it, I had to get it in there even though it tokk like 23 attempts to get the line right.

  4. Oh, this is so sweet, Laurie! I love the "edges charred a bit." And I love how dedicated you were to writing a romance. Well done!

  5. Just realized I added an extra "e" to your name. Sorry about that. You'd think I'd know better since my name is always misspelled.....perhaps I need more coffee.

  6. Very fun and imaginative, Lauri. Good luck!

  7. Love this, “until you cough and choke”!

  8. What a cute dragon story. Love the ending!

  9. I love the question you ask at the beginning as well as the ending. What a great thing to ponder. Good luck!

  10. I love the idea of a dragon valentine, Lauri! With charred edges and fiery sparks and poems puffed in choking smoke! :) And I feel a little worried for your guy lest that invitation to dinner suggest he will be consumed by her love :) Great job with the curiosity! Thanks for joining in the Valentiny fun!

    1. Thanks Susanna! We will never know what the dragon meant about dinner, because our guy got out of that cave...I think!


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