Zombie Prom - Halloweensie 2019

Time for Susanna Hill's annual Halloweensie contest where she challenges us to write a tiny Halloween story of 100 words or less! 

Sooooooo..... I had some Halloweensie issues this year, reminiscent of a few years ago when I used the words from the wrong year (my capacity for error is high!)

I started one story with witches, which is still cooking in my cauldron. But it's 300 words, and it would take too long to boil off 200. 

A second middle grade idea came, and I worked happily on it, rhyming my lines, and reading with oozing teen angst. I finished it in under 100 words. Then, I realized I completely neglected to use the CONTEST WORDS (cobweb, trick, potion.) So, I yelled,

(or something like that) 

And I got back to work. So here is my entry (and after that, the original if you're interested in the dudes I had to kill off in the final.)

Haunted Halloween Hop 
By Lauri C. Meyers

Needing a date for the Halloween Hop,
Handsome and muscular boys are a flop.

Tyler is rich, so our date won’t be cheap…
(via free images by Miguel Ugalde)
Put him in science, he’s falling asleep.

Joey is funny with joking and tricks,
Up on his shoulders? A load of old bricks.

Jay has the potion for motion to dance,
Between his ears are there cobwebs by chance?

Christopher aces his tests without sweat,
Studies new facts, and he doesn’t forget.

A zombie’s decision is easy to explain:
Always the guy with the big juicy brain. 

Thanks for celebrating Halloween with me. Check out all the other entries on Susanna's blog. 

Update My story won Honorable Mention for Best Ending!


  1. Very cute story! I like the twist ending, super clever! :)

  2. Always choose the guy with the biggest brain! Never the one with cobwebs (or rocks) for brains. Nice job. Good luck.

  3. Very cute story. The ending is perfect.

  4. It must have been tough to "kill" some of your dudes! But both versions are fun, and great rhyme! :)

  5. Not a zombie, but I like a guy with brains too! :)

  6. So clever!
    "MONSTER FLAMING PUMPKINS!" also a great idea...

    1. Ha! I've been a hunt for good near-swears lately for a book:)

  7. Glad you were able to tweak things in time. I enjoyed reading it. Good luck.

  8. Hahahahhaaaa! Love it! Love those big, juicy brains, LOL. Great story!

  9. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the brainy kid. Cute story! 100 words is tough! Good luck to you!


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