Santa's ROCKET Sleigh

I FORGOT* to post my Holiday entry for Susanna Hill's Holiday Contest on my blog, but...maybe you still have a little room for more holiday fun next to all the cookies and pie. This year's contest was to write a 250-word or less story holiday story with a countdown. What a fun challenge! 

(*I planned to post it but then I made 5 million cookies, shopped for 600 gifts, and took a few naps!)

Santa’s Rocket Sleigh!
By Lauri C. Meyers
228 words

“I need to meet with the big guy.”
Accountant Elf barged through the door.
“With so many kids on the nice list,
One night’s not enough anymore!”

“Tonight is my moment to shine,”
Elf Engineer said with glee.
“Presenting my prototype rocket.
I call it the Sleigh 2.3!”

“Tonight?!” Santa spit out his cocoa.
The accountant ignored Santa’s frown:
“An elf’s favorite time is the present!”
Engineer said, “Beginning countdown!”


“Hey, has this sleigh had some testing?”
Asked Santa while strapping his belt.
“The snowmen did fine in the trials
(we only had one fellow melt…)”


“Will liftoff be painful?” asked Santa.
“Nausea’s the worst that we’ve seen.
As long as you didn’t eat cookies…”
Santa’s cheeks paled from rosy to green.


“Do I need any special equipment!?”
Santa yelled over engine vibration.
“Your hat has new pads like a helmet,
And your coat can be used for flotation.”


“The reindeer look nervous to use
the quantum propulsion to fly.”
“Like you always are saying, Santa:
“Children deserve our best try.”


“By jolly, that’s true! I’ll be brave
As we launch on this joyous endeavor.
Merry Christmas to—“ Whooooosh!
He pulled the turbo boost lever!”

(Two minutes later…) Whooooosh!

“This sleigh is so swift,” Santa sighed.
“Christmas is already through.”
“We could deliver more presents?”
“Hop in for Christmas Round TWO!”

I'm excited to announce Santa's Rocket won an Honorable Mention:) 

"1. For Honorable Mention In The Competition As A Whole: (entries we truly wrestled with not including in the finalists!):  Lauri C. Meyers for Santa’s Rocket Sleigh (SO clever and funny – you put us in stitches!)" 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants which you can see here