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The Bully Spell - Halloweensie

After my 5-year-old showed me up earlier with her writing efficiency and mastery of tension building, I finally finished my entry in Susanna Hill's 5th annual Halloweensie contest . The rules: 100 words, which must include creak, pumpkin and broomstick. (NO NO NO - seriously, I'm glad I realized I was using last year's words before midnight, but there's nothing as fun as changing rhymes! ACK!) dark, costume and haunt. It went a little wicked, and then it tended toward gross with my word changes... But it is Halloween after all. Why resist a good scare or giggle? The Bully Spell @alekksall via freepik By Lauri Meyers Great Great Grandma Thistle Would cast a wicked curse To cover children’s bums With boils, cysts, or worse. Great Grandma Narcissus Enriched with darker rhymes To pluck the eyes from kids For cauldron stealing crimes. Grandma Oleander Enhanced the evil spell With rotten skunk patoot To make the youngsters smel

Kelsey's Scary Story

Hi! I'm struggling here with my Halloweensie revisions for Susanna Hill's annual contest, so I asked my 5 year old to help. I gave her the rules: 100 words, use pumpkin, broomstick and creak. Well, she really showed me up writing and illustrating a fabulously scary story in about 20 minutes. It all started with this: (OMG! The door just creaked. What is going to be behind that door!! p.s. Note the strategically placed pumpkin and broomstick, um, because they disappear...) (Oh the tension!!) (AGH!!! It's a ghost!)  "Are you nice?" "Well, my name is Friendy, so yeah."  "What are you doing here?" "I'm getting ready to play with my new best friend!"     "Who?" "You!" THE END Wow! Look how easy that is! Tension! Complex emotion! Fully fleshed characters! All in 38 words. And I thought this was hard:)  Happy Halloween! PS. OH NO! I am a failure of a moth