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Don't Eat Your Valentine

Susanna Hill has a guilty heart. I mean she has a Guilty Heart Valentiny contest this year! By midnight on 2/14 write a children's story in 214 words or less where the character feels guilty. I love how these contests stretch my writing muscles, plus she has amazing prizes, plus it is a great sense of community reading everyone's entries. This year I learned something important. I struggle with endings. The evidence should have been obvious. There are many manuscripts weeping in their files, wondering if the writer will ever return to properly finish them. I vow to try! *If anyone has read any great blog posts about endings or would like to send tools my way, post them in the comments or email me! I have a problem, and I need help! The ending to this one came after a week of struggle, in a bolt of morning dream sleep. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t Eat Your Valentine By Lauri C. Meyers Giant fiddled with a doily. Heart shaped cakes, kissy lip crumpets and cupid