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Do the Big Things First

This is my 100 th blog post! Wooty hooty doo! So I wanted it to be special. Which meant it was big. Which meant I definitely wasn't going to do it. Yes, I am a world-class-this-is-important-procrastinator. I pondered somehow skipping it, but the Blogger platform is really good at math. I considered faking it, but I'm a terrible liar. I'm also very gullible. I'm so gullible in fact, I sometimes fall for my own lies even though I'm a terrible liar. I wondered about just not mentioning it, but what if My 100th Post held a grudge and plotted an elaborate revenge scenario which would play out right at the moment I found success?  No, I had to face up to it. But I didn't have to do it today. Or the next day. Or like the 13 days after that either. And the weight of it was dragging me down a little bit each day until I was seeing everything from my toddler's perspective. (FYI, it's really filthy down here on the floor. Seriously, someone

The Smusher and the Saver

  It must be getting close to spring because there have been lots of fun writing games to play instead of doing my chores! (Though I did take the time to spring clean the remaining Valentines Candy.) Susanna Hill is hosting the "In Just Spring " Contest.  Rules: The topic can be anything that says Spring to you, 350 word limit, and the last line must be "[Character Name] knew Spring was here at last!" I can usually be counted on for taking something sweet like springtime and making it gross .  And well, consistency is a good thing.  So here's your warning:  Worms were harmed in the making of this story!   The Smusher and the Saver By Lauri Meyers "Eww," Thomas said staring at the slimy spot that had been a worm.  Johnny jumped again, "Take that, worm!" "Johnny, that's gross. Stop stomping worms." Thomas rescued a worm out from under the shadow of Johnny's shoe and dropped it in the grass.  &quo

Fancy Food Fight (A Story Written with Friends)

Thanks to Marcie Colleen for the fun Food Fight contest to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.    Thank you to everyone who helped write this messy, disgusting, and fun story:   Jennifer Young ,  Joanna Marple ,  Sylvia Liu ,  Erik Weibel ,  Julie Rowan-Zoch ,  Patricia Nozell ,  Tracy Bermeo ,  Mamma D ,  Donna Louise Sadd ,  Robb Terranova . See the contest rules and comments here .  I counted 20 items of food thrown and at least 17 victims (who knows how many Grandma got with soup and champagne!)  Here it is in its entirety (1000 words) with a few illustrations (that I haphazardly photoshopped.) Fancy Food Fight!       "Eek!" Timmy squealed as he entered the swanky restaurant.  Daddy froze like the plaster statue standing in the waiting area.  Mama's bulging eyes reflected the white tablecloths at Chez Italiano.  She grabbed Timmy's hand and started backing out the door.        "Don't be silly," Grandma said.  "A lady only turns 9

Food Fight!!! Flinging Food and Slinging Onomatopoeia

Marcie Colleen is hosting a Food Fight at the Write Routine in celebration of World Read Aloud Day on March 6th. By Julie Rowan-Zoch Here's the Food Fight rules : I started a story below which stops where a food fight is breaking out.  But I need your help.  Please read the story and any comments to date, then add  a comment which grows the story , includes one thrown item of food , and one word of onomatopoeia (which has not yet been used!)   Then over the weekend, I have to wrap up the story with  one last comment.   Together we will write a story!  You can comment more than once on a story, however, you cannot follow one of your own comments...someone else needs to comment before you can comment again. Have fun!   Fancy Food Fight , by Lauri Meyers & all of you       "Eek!" Timmy squealed as he entered the swanky restaurant.  Daddy froze like the plaster statue standing in the waiting area.  Mama's bulging eyes reflected the white tablecloths at

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

It's my First Blogiversary!   On March 3, 2012 I wrote my very first blog post, even though I didn't really know what a blog was and had no idea what to write.  Here I am a year later with almost 100 posts under my belt and having a great time! I'm so glad I took the leap and met so many writerly friends who teach me everyday about writing, inspiration, and parenting. Look at those fists clenched in anticipation! (Lauri Turning One, photo by J.C.Christopher) I gave myself some new tabs (look by the header) as a blogiversary gift!  Ooh!  Aah!  I know I really go all out on celebrations! (sidenote- my husband and I gave eachother bowling balls for our wedding, which are still awesome!)  Hey, I'm only one year old, y'know, so it's still baby steps around here.  Did you bake me a cake?   No?   Well, thank goodness I baked my own Happy Blogiversary cake .  It took me all morning to make this wild, burn-your-eyes-out-if-you-stare-at-it-too-long technicolo