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I DID IT! 2019 in Review

Last year Julie Hedlund encouraged writers to keep track of successes and failures by month throughout the year as part of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers. (by Linnell  Esler via freeimages) And I actually did it! Wow, it was empowering. It felt like a little pat on the back each month. There were those times it felt like I hadn't done a single thing. I was the worst writer ever. I wasn't even a writer, I hadn't put a word on a page, since, well, wait, lookie was earlier this month. Oh, that's not so bad. I'm okay. In fact I think I'll write something right now! And that's the magic of writing down your successes.   5    New Picture Books started  12   Contest Stories (a 2nd place, a 10th place, 2 honorable mentions, a critique win)  60   Critiques Given & Received 106  Revisions (see?! Holy Happy Dance! I had no idea.)  6     PB Submissions  9     Magazine Submissions  ( 2 acceptances! ) 11    Online writing event