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Puppywolf! Halloweensie 2020

Susanna Hill is hosting her annual Halloweensie Contest! To play:  write a  100 word Halloween story appropriate for children , using the words  skeleton, c reep , and  mask and enter it here . My 100 word story is Puppywolf. Happy Halloween! Puppywolf By Lauri C. Meyers   “I can be a werewolf for Halloween!” Puppy woofed.                “You would need a mask ,” Cat replied.   “I can sharpen my teeth on this  skeleton !”              “You mean your chewy bone?” Cat asked with sass. “I can howl at the moon. A-woo! A-woo!” Puppy howled. “Sounds like a screech owl.” Cat covered her ears. “I can stick up my ears and growl.” “That ear is still floppy.” Cat laughed. “I’m a werewolf,” Puppy said. “And I smell cat!”               Cat hid under the couch. “I can creep in the shadows, finding my prey, and… pounce!” Cat hissed.  “Save your pouncing for trick-or-treaters, werewolf!”

Waiting ... for a Fall Frenzy

 The Fall Frenzy picture prompt challenge is here. The event is cohosted by Lydia Lukidis and    Kaitlyn Sanchez .     The challenge is full of fun fall pics, any of which could inspire a good sprint of writing to warm your fingers as the chill of fall sets in. The 200 word limit is a good reminder to keep your writing tight.  This one inspired me to go YA, a bit unusual for me, but we all need some change :)  Image 1, courtesy of  Unsplash Waiting By Lauri Meyers   Fuzzy socks. Wool blanket. Coffee. I leaned against the porch railing, not letting some cool air keep me from finally seeing Tommy Hendricks on his morning run. Actually, I saw him every morning, but from the safety of my couch peeking through the bay window. I was turning 14 tomorrow, and it was time to pull down the curtains. Today, Tommy would see me. A yawn slipped out, and I saw my breath. I pulled the plaid blanket over my legs, careful not to hide my perfectly picked Steelers sweatshirt. I touched my hair gi