Saturday, February 12, 2022

My Gummy Love

Monday is Valentine's Day, and the best way to celebrate is writing a story for kids! Enter Susanna Hill's Valentiny contest. Stories must be 214 words or less, about Valentines Day, and about someone feeling proud.  Read all the great entries here. 

**UPDATE! My Gummy Love won an Honorable Mention for the contest as a hole!**

My Gummy Love

By Lauri C Meyers

214 Words


Joey crafted a Valentine for Grammy and wrote, “I love you THIS much!” He added a gummy heart.

But the gummy was little, and he loved Grammy a lot.

Joey grabbed a pot and a box of cherry gelatin. He mixed it and poured out a big gummy heart.

But he loved Grammy more than that.

Joey grabbed a bigger pot and three boxes of cherry gelatin. He mixed it and poured out a bigger gummy heart.

But he loved Grammy more than that.

Joey grabbed the biggest pot and twenty boxes of cherry gelatin. He mixed it and poured out a gummy heart as big as the table.

“I did it! Joey said. “That’s how much I love Grammy!”

Ding, dong! Grammy was here!

He poked the gummy heart. It jiggled with love.

“It’s probably ready,” he said.  

He held his card and wrestled the gummy heart into his arms.

The huge, wiggly heart flopped across his face.

His fingers squished deep into the gummy.

Drops of cherry goo trickled down his ear.

Finally, Grammy opened the door… just as the giant gummy heart melted over Joey’s head.

“You love me that much?” Grammy said. “Well, I love you this much!”

She wrapped up her red, sticky, cherry-scented grandson in a Grammy-loves-you hug.

For extra fun check out the recipe to make gummy hearts (which clearly need to chill longer than a few minutes, Joey!)

And Joey if you want to be clear about your love, go anatomically correct gummy heart! 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Kids Choice!

Update: Quiet as a Butterfly Fart won an Honorable Mention! Thank you Kailei for the fun contest. See the other winners here. 

How fun is this? Kailei Pew is hosting a kids choice contest with 100 kid judges. Stories can be all kidlit ages, must be under 200 words and posted on her site by the day of twos... 2/2/22. 

So I looked through some unfinished pieces to see if anything spoke to me for this contest. I needed a laugh, and kids need laughs so I give you Quiet as a Butterfly Fart. It's honestly nearly memoir, because me trying to tell quiet bedtime stories almost always devolved to an unfortunate word choice which failed to create sleepiness.  Did I throw Dad under the bus? Maybe. Does Mommy sometimes make body noises? No. Absolutely not. MOMMY IS A PERFECT LADY!  

I hope you get a laugh and visit Kailei's site for more stories. 

Quiet as a Butterfly Fart

By Lauri C. Meyers

Genre: PB

Rest your sleepy head.

Let your sweet dreams start.

The night is quiet as …

A butterfly fart.


The sun has gone to bed,

Nighttime’s dark has come.

The night is dimming like…

A firefly’s blinking bum.


Slow your breathing with

The cricket’s steady chirping.

The night is calming like …

A ladybug burping.


Close your eyes my love

Let sleep come at last.

The air is sweet until…

Daddy passes gas.

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