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Song Warp

I flew around time yesterday. The wild journey began with a radio station playing all the hits of my life - those key songs that spark a memory. Songs which are inextricably intertwined with a memory cause instant transportation to that moment any time the rhythm starts. Many of my Song Warps are clearly YA memories, and I don't kiss and tell. But there are a few more appropriate ones: Copacabana, by Barry Manilow. Year: 1978. Setting: My Grandpa's living room: imagine dark paneling, those little vintage glass bottles in assorted colors, large floral print couches, and a wooden parrot. My grandpa had hands the size of basketballs from years of working on the railroad, fighting in Normandy, and a long career in construction. But he always held my tiny hands gently when we danced to the Copacabana. *sidenote* It's funny to think we were actually listening to a Top 40 hit and not an oldie as I always thought of it- like me dancing with my girls to Roar .  The Wa

NJSCBWI Conference - My Experience

After I posted the conference recommended books, Romelle commented she couldn't wait to hear about the rest of my experience. *winces* You see, my plan was to put the book list out there and then not have to actually share anything else about the conference. Without any big news (y'know, like an agent or a contract) I wasn't sure my conference experience was anything other than pretty standard: - I learned a ton from excellent presentations, - I met agents and editors which is a million times better than their online bios, - I saw old writing friends and made new friends, - I ate a lot of cheesecake. Yep, pretty standard really.  But I guess I can be brave and share my other experiences. I had a manuscript critique with an editor. She gave me an excellent critique which was well worth the money.  Then she asked about me (isn't that so nice when people do that?) which of course I wasn't prepared for. ( Funny, I'm pretty close with myself, but

NJ SCBWI Conference Recommended Books, YA & MG (Part 2)

I have finally returned to my normal self after having my brain imploded with amazing information at the NJSCBWI Conference last weekend. I shared Picture Books on Monday. Here were the YA and MG recommendations I noted from agents and editors at the conference.  (Fewer because I mostly hit PB-focused sessions) YA True Meaning of Smekday , by Adam Rex All the Boys I've Loved , by Jenny Han The Namesake , by Jhumpa Lahiri I already ordered this one. I have to admit I hadn't heard of it before. It is an art-focused book, but was recommended for for picture book writers, too! When Mr. Dog Bites , by Brian Conaghan We Were Liars , by E. Lockhart If We Kis s, by Rachel Vail MG Secrets of the Book , by Erin Fry Okay for Now , by Gary Schmidt The Water Castle , by Megan Blakemore Zora and Me ,  by Victoria Bond and T. R. Simon Three Times Lucky ,  by Sheila Turnage Writing Picture This: How Pictures Work , by Molly Bang Dear Genius: