How Speed Dating Can Improve Your Blogging

Faster than a pitch on an elevator, you have about two minutes to pitch your blog.  At least that's the average visit on my blog.   My longest visit this week- 37 minutes- is really a pretty fulfilling relationship.  My husband probably doesn't get 37 minutes to spend just with me on most days. 

But the 2 minute people?  They laugh at a joke, they seem interested, I toss my hair...then they have to visit the restroom.  I don't even get digits. Blogging is like...speed dating.  

Could speed dating skills make for stronger blogging?   Luckily, I found speed dating tips from an Expert Pick Up Artist (I was unaware that was a valid job title).  Here's what his tips taught me about blogging. 

Spruce yourself up.
A great post title is like your bright smile.  Pictures are a must; throw in a video if you are sassy.  I personally like an uncluttered blog with one of those fabulous title banners (that I have yet to create.)

Relax and help the other person relax.
Help readers relax by delivering on the promise of the post title.  Keep blog posts to a reasonable length; I get anxiety if I realize I will need to scroll more than once.

Manage your body language.
Your writing voice is your body language - make people want to stay a little longer. Make the copy good.  Make it nice to read with short paragraphs and subheadings.   

Direct the conversation to the other person versus just talking about you.
Sure, a few readers may be mildly interested in the fact you are a Sagittarius.  But most are looking for information, an insight, or story that makes them reflect about themselves.  Even when you are writing about you, you aren't your audience.  Please leave room for the reader.     

Ask open ended questions to prolong the conversation.
End with a question and ask your readers to comment.  You want to get to know them better.  Stay a little longer, tell me more about yourself. 

Politely thank the person, but don't come on too strong
Have a link to other posts the reader may like.  Have a biography so readers can learn more about you.  You don't need to sell them your book or newsletter on the first date, now do you?  I'm not that kind of girl.

Have Fun.  Don't take it personally if it doesn't work out; just appreciate making a few friends.
Offer the opportunity to subscribe.  Hey if a reader doesn't subscribe, maybe he will at least connect on facebook or twitter.   Those friendships may turn into something greater in the future.

You can do this.  Now get out there and pick up some readers. 

Blogging Speed Dating
Oh and won't you please share your best tips for blogging or dating in the comments below?  I really would like to get to know you better. 


  1. Lauri-
    This is a great post; a great take on blogging. It has begun a thought process for me that I feel may last a while. The points in your post will be like the Song That Never Ends, going round and round in my head. These are great tips that deserve attention.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Brooke. I am Looking forward to your first chapter release!

  2. One thing that I've found helpful in terms of maintaining readers is having a clear focus for your blog. And posting on a regular schedule; it's like having a standing date with your readership.

    1. Yes! You can't spend the first date talking about skydiving and the second talking about rock collecting. And absolutely, if you say you are going to call, don't leave me hanging. It's embarrassing to constantly check whether my phone is charged.

  3. Fun, thoughtful post! I love when readers tell me they 'can't wait for Friday, because I know that's when you post your new blog!' Boy, that makes me feel special. And I also love getting comments from, and commenting to, bloggers out there. We feed on each other in positive ways, inspiring and encouraging each other. Just like a date should be.

    1. You have a good thing going with those readers- keep treating them right! That must be how you won that Reader Appreciation Award :) Good point on commenting! I should have included that. Not commenting is like telling someone "I love you," and they just say thanks. (ouch)

  4. Nice post, Lauri! I'll never view my blogging the same way now...

    1. I would always go out with you again Jennifer! Your blog makes me want to add a bullet: Be fascinating. You would tie up the speed dating line with everyone wanting to stay "just one minute more."

  5. What a fun idea. Who would have thought blogging was like speed dating?! But you're totally right. I love your tips!

    Not sure I even have anything to add. :) I try to keep the format clean, use pictures or videos in most posts, keep the posts short, and deliver information other readers & writers will find useful.

    1. I always find your posts useful & enjoyable Erin!


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