The Bully Spell - Halloweensie

After my 5-year-old showed me up earlier with her writing efficiency and mastery of tension building, I finally finished my entry in Susanna Hill's 5th annual Halloweensie contest.

The rules: 100 words, which must include creak, pumpkin and broomstick. (NO NO NO - seriously, I'm glad I realized I was using last year's words before midnight, but there's nothing as fun as changing rhymes! ACK!) dark, costume and haunt.

It went a little wicked, and then it tended toward gross with my word changes... But it is Halloween after all. Why resist a good scare or giggle?

The Bully Spell

@alekksall via freepik
By Lauri Meyers

Great Great Grandma Thistle
Would cast a wicked curse
To cover children’s bums
With boils, cysts, or worse.

Great Grandma Narcissus
Enriched with darker rhymes
To pluck the eyes from kids
For cauldron stealing crimes.

Grandma Oleander
Enhanced the evil spell
With rotten skunk patoot
To make the youngsters smell.

My Mama Mistletoe
With costume, wand, and hat
Declared, “Annoying boys
Shall eat my spider’s scat!”

I threw in haunted bones
And jangly teeth for spite.
So, say you’re sorry now

For teasing me tonight.

That's right all you Halloween bullies out there better behave, because this spell keeps getting better and better with each generation:) Happy Halloween!


  1. This is absolutely wonderful! I could use the bully spell. And yes, Kelsie is proving to be a great writer and illustrator!

    1. Thanks Romelle. It would feel quite powerful to be armed with something good, right?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Greg! When I had to edit after fabulously using the wrong key words, your comment helped point me to increase the giggle factor.

  3. Great job, Laurie! LOVE the names of the grandmas and the mama—very clever!

    1. Thanks Penny. I had a spooky time researching the way witches pass their powers down. The meter on the poison plants was tricky to manage!

  4. OK - spider scat? Never saw that one coming!
    Great job Lauri - so glad you caught the 2015 word list in time. :-)
    Happy Halloweensie!

    1. Well that happened during wrong-word-revisions. Thank my poor husband who had to name animals over dinner until we got to spider and then had to discuss whether spiders poop. "Everything Poops!"

  5. Ooh! Serves those bullies right! They'd better not mess with your little witch! :) LOVE the spider scat! :) Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun, not once, but twice due to the word problem :) That's dedication!

  6. Fun! And i especially like the name, Grandma Oleander!

    1. SO many poisonous plants to choose from, but the right rhythm was trickier!

  7. I like your story! :)


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