The Witch's Cat

Kaitlyn Sanchez is hosting a Fall Writing Frenzy! She has selected a bunch of fall images to inspire writers for a quick 200 word or less piece. Prompts are a lovely way to get your writing hand moving, especially when it has been a bit lazy lately.

This thoughtful cat image sparked my imagination.

The Witch’s Cat
By Lauri Meyers

The black cat leapt from the witch’s bed to his perch in the wood windowsill. His whiskers twitched in the night breeze. The full moon told him his witch had only a few breaths left.

What would he do tomorrow?

He wouldn’t need to gather the mint for her spider tea. She wouldn’t ask him to guard the door while she chanted or to yowl when the potion for ever-lasting-love boiled.

The supply of toad warts were running low. He could catch some toads, but why bother when there was no one to scrape off the warts?

Perhaps he would find that brown mouse who had been stealing the lizard tails. He would leave it by her bed in her honor. Yes, that is what he would do tomorrow.

He hopped down on the witch’s tattered quilt. Using his claws, he brushed her wiry black hair until it was smooth. The black cat rubbed his nose on her cheek, then snuggled in beside his witch. 

HOP on over to the contest page to read fabulous entries and hear about the prizes. 

UPDATE: I'm incredibly happy to announce Emily Matheis selected my story, and I won a manuscript critique with her!


  1. Yes, leaving a mouse would be a cat's first choice. Fun story with a wisp of sadness.

  2. I really loved the ending of this story because I can visualize a cat doing exactly what your black cat did. I hope he finds the thieving brown mouse!

  3. This is very imaginative and well done, Lauri! Poor kitty! What's to become of him without his witch?

  4. I'm literally crying, this is such a beautiful tribute to a lifelong friend. Thank you so much for entering this into the Fall Writing Frenzy, Lauri, I'm honored to read it.
    Kaitlyn Sanchez


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