Spooky Halloween Touch-the-body-parts Story

Having a few girls over for Halloween tonight, and I wanted to do a lovely spooky feel box for them. I remember my Mom and Dad doing this for us when we were little, and they always nailed the ambiance. 
I looked online for stories and decided it would need to be more authentic to have a chance of scaring them. Plus, then I could memorize it to add some realness. So... they already know I'm kooky and not afraid of gross stuff and I like to garden... So here is my story if you too need one to tell tonight. MWA HA HA HA HA!

You guys, I haven’t told anyone about this, but when I was pulling up the zucchini plants today, I found a bone.  (chicken bone boiled clean)

I thought it was an animal bone, but then I found a few teeth. Those must be raccoon teeth I thought. (popcorn kernels and sunflower seeds)

I stuck in my rake and pulled up stringy hair. A fox or a cat. There’s a totally reasonable explanation, I said to myself.  (rice noodles)

I scooped more dirt, and saw fingernails on my shovel. Did I mess up my manicure? No my nails were fine. These were someone else's nails. (pumpkin seeds)

But I kept digging, only to find a whole finger! Now there’s no mistaking a finger. What animal has a finger? (carrot, carved)

By now I was super creeped out. I felt something soft. I figured it was a mushroom, so I pulled it out. It was a piece of droopy skin! (tortilla trimmed)

The hole was getting pretty deep by now. I put my arm down it. I felt a hard thing, like a bowling ball or a rock. But then my fingers touched something soft. I pulled out a human nose. (zucchini stem)

Then I grabbed an ear. (dried apple slice)

Then a tongue! (slice of fresh mozzarella, shaped)

I reached in again. I felt something slimy. It was an eyeball. (peeled cherry tomato)

But the eyeball was stuck. I pulled harder and … a chunk of brain popped out. (the stem end of a head of lettuce)

By now I knew it must be a dead body. But who could put a dead body in the garden? It is a mystery. I mean, I’m the only one who digs the ground and adds the compost and plants the seeds. Nobody is back there but me.

Why are you looking at me like that? Nobody knows where this body came from! Unless you… think… you… know…BOO!

Happy Halloween!


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    1. You're funny! The kids are old enough to know they weren't real body parts, but the strange things I used and shaped made it definitely more mysterious. And they jumped on the Boo! Good kids:)


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