The Book Doctor is "In" & a Little Liebster

The Book Doctor is "In."

Lauri Meyers Childrens WriterNo I'm not talking about fixing your writing, just fixing books.  Literally.  

The wounded had been waiting patiently with missing pages, absent flaps, non-working pulls, and decapitated heads.  It was time for my semi-annual book clinic. 

Tape, glue, and photo splits (those little 2 way sticky squares) were flying while the repairs took place.  The girls flipped through the books and yanked on the pulls, testing my work. 

Then they said, "Thank you for fixing our books!"  

Awesome!  It always feels great to be thanked, especially when it comes from the tiny tyrants who caused the casualties. 

I want to say "thank you" to two great bloggers Jenny Young and Ink in the Book who recently gave me a Liebster Award.  Which also means it is time to share about myself again.  Jenny Young asked some very specific questions, so here goes:

1) What state would you like to live in other than where you live now?  I have lived in 7 states and frankly I would really like to hang out here in New Jersey instead of any more moves for a while.

2) How many items do you carry in your purse or wallet? Are they all necessary?  I keep it slim and carry a small purse - wallet, phone, chapstick (I'm addicted), sunglasses, and writing tools: tiny notebook and tiny pen.  There is also usually a crumbled receipt and 5 or so lost goldfish swimming in there.

3) If you could retake or take any class back in high school or college what would it be?  I would like to retake my high school English class, because I could use a refresher course on writing. I would not retake my college literature class.  That professor wanted dark, moody, weirdness and I'm not in the mood for that.

4) Do you believe in Aliens?  Of course.  Silly question.  That's like "do you believe in gravity."  There may be fairies too, but I'm not positive.

5) What is your most favorite dessert?   My Mom's apple pie.

6) Coffee or tea?  Coffee always, diet soda often, and tea sometimes.

7) Fall or Spring? Tough one. I was always a spring girl, but I might be shifting to a fall gal.  The return of football season, apple pie, and a pair of comfy corduroys.

8) Do you remember your first date? Where did you go?  My first date with my hubby was to Friendly's where we split chicken fingers then went to our dorm's semi-formal dance with the best intentions to go "as friends."  To be fair, we are still friends...

9) If you could live in the past what year/decade/century would you pick?  Can I just rock out the 80's again?  I think I still have some neon pink fingerless gloves here somewhere... *digs in closet*

10) Favorite type of movie? I just love action-y sci-fi movies, even better if they are really bad. 

11) On Thanksgiving what do you put on your plate?  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, roll, small token piece of canned cranberry and tiny portion of sweet potatoes if the person who made them is watching.  If I can, I slip right into a nap while still at the table.

I would like to nominate some of my wonderful critique partners for a Liebster award. 

Jennifer Dorr is on an amazing journey to explore a myth or folktale a week - Year of Living Mythically 

Tracy Bermeo writes for children and anyone with a belly because she has to throw in a lovely recipe every now and then at A2ZMommy.  (I totally acknowledge she already has a Liebster, but hey you never see actors turning away a second Oscar)

Brinda Banerjee taught me what Steampunk is (you don't want to know what I had imagined).  She posts her writing and other musings at The Modern Scheherzade.  

Leslie Zampetti is working on a middle grade fantasy and it is fun to watch her progress as she gets her Rear in Gear.
Go check out these great blogs!  

And I want to know what you put on your Thanksgiving plate too.  I can't be the only napping pig around here. 


  1. I'm partial to Jersey too. Even though I haven't lived there since I was 5, it will always be my birthplace. Oh and apple pie is a fave for me too. Congrats on the Liebster award Lauri!

    1. Thanks Coleen! I was home this weekend and scored 3 pieces of apple pie. I only ate one with a fork. The others I just shoved in by hand. So good.


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