My Idea By Way of Dragon Dictation

Technology can be pretty cool and stuff.  My recent iPhone purchase is delivering new found connectivity and cheers from the children: "Mommy you didn't get lost today!"  But technology is not perfect, much like my sense of direction.

I use Dragon Dictation sometimes when my hands are full and I can't write my ideas down.  It's an app that types what you say.  More or less.

Here is a picture book idea I had the other day by way of Dragon Dictation:

Why you shouldn't let him go come Darlen with you because I don't like me your socks and let him know may e-mail me toothpaste and mess thanks
All sorts of other thingWhy no goats stay with you.

"Yeah, I got a big thing that's gonna
work out in 3 weeks tops..."
By Nick Holdstock via
Million dollar idea, right?  May have been, but I totally can't remember from this gibberish here.  I believe it was actually about why you shouldn't let a goat stay with you.

I can't remember why it was funny to me at the time, though logically vagrant goats will probably stay longer than they said they would and drink the rest of the milk but not buy a new one.

I don't think the idea had anything to do with the goat e-mailing.  Though that would be pretty crazy if the goat was updating my facebook status with things like, "sheep suck" or "hey sexy lady, we do it Goatherd style." 

Was he a hill goat who actually muttered the phrase "I don't like me your socks?"  Because I think I would find that pretty intimidating.  But then what happens?  Am I trying to turn him into an argyle lover?

Finally, "all sorts of other thing" is probably right.  That is a classic Lauri placeholder when my mind is razzed with the obviously crazy things which a goat roommate would do, but am unable to articulate any.

Oh, lost goat, I hope one day you make your way back into my mind.  But if you drink all the milk when you visit, won't you please buy a new one?

Have you lost an idea lately?  I wonder if they are hiding out together... 
Oh and give Dragon Dictation a try it can be a help as long as you check the accuracy before you forget your idea.


  1. I've had lost ideas too. I woke once in the middle of the night and wrote an idea down on the notepad by my bed. In the morning, though, the note wasn't there. I'd forgotten to take the cap off the pen.

    And Dragon Dictation sounds fun to try. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  2. *snorts* That is side splitting funny! Well, and sad too. Very sad. *still snorting* Did you try to pull a Velma and light a candle behind the paper to see if you could make out the words? Give Dragon Dictation a try. If I recall correctly there were children screaming in the background that day which may have impacted the quality :)

  3. I am unapologetically pro-goat, so I support your iPhone babblings. Go write that book!

    1. Alrighty, but if this letting a goat live with me thing goes bad, you better be available for goat adoption.

  4. I'm immediately adopting the phrase "all sorts of other thing" - brilliant and useful.

    1. It is the kind of phrase that fits any situation!

  5. Now I know why I have no modern iPhone/iPad technology and use a small, old-fashioned hand-held tape recorder to make notes! However, I did forget something that was in my head just a couple of days ago, because I was in middle of brushing my teeth at the time and I couldn't run and babble into the recorder. By the time I finished brushing, I'd completely forgotten what was a fine opening sequence for a book review I'm planning to write. It never has come back to me, and that's what I blame for my current writer's block in regard to the review!

    1. Oh no! So not only did you lose the idea, but the little nugget has set up a barricade in your idea superhighway? Ooh, that guy really holds a grudge. Maybe you could coax him out with a little candy? Did you try telling him he was going to be the first sentence in the review? I'm sure he'll come around eventually.


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