Dirty Girls Across the Generations

I'm just a perfectly nice mom of two girls who have turned out very messy.  I have no idea how. 

Well, maybe I have a little idea how... 

Cutest mass murderer ever!
I always loved making magnificent mudpies.   They were chocolate, because mud is chocolate-flavored (obviously.)  I decorated my creations with seeds, berries, and flowers in intricate designs.   In today's terminology they were Artisanal Dirt Delights with whole grains and organic ingredients.

Another day three-year-old me noticed a stream of ants in the garage.  My parents let me stay out there swatting hundreds of them.   It was a fantastic day!  My mom taught me an important parenting lesson: "Peace and quiet is sometimes worth a lapse in hygiene."

My mom may claim dirtygirliness skipped her generation, but she was did teach me how **WARNING- graphic story follows** to pull the tails off lightning bugs and put them on my nails for a glowing manicure.   

If this seems a little barbaric, it's important to note my mom had 9 siblings and a single mom.  They didn't have glowsticks.  So, turn down your nose and respect the fun kids have when there isn't a TV. 

Many wonderfully gross things happen when we are outside.  Today's joys included: running under a dripping gutter at the store over and over and over again, walking through a "rainbow" puddle (um, yeah, that's not naturally occurring), and making eachother smell stinkhorn mushrooms even though they are near-vomit-inducing.    (p.s. I didn't include a picture because these are a tad lot phallic, and I'm pretty sure your childish giggling would have been distracting.)

These dirty girls keep me busy but they also keep my full of inspiration! 

Were you a dirty kid?  Share those memories in the comments!


  1. I don't have a dirty girl story, which is quite tragic because I have been blessed by boys...dirty boys....naturally dirty boys. So when I see them sprawled on a high traffic asphalt area, I cringe and disinfect them with lysol, wash them in bleach and towel them off with rubbing alcohol. Many times they will look at me and say, "But I'm not dirty."

    1. Oh you are a good clean mom. I usually don't consider how filthy the children are until they are licking peanut butter off their fingers and I remember they had been petting the neighbor's dog, picking mushrooms, playing in the sandbox, picking a bouquet of boogers for me...

  2. I was pathologically tidy as a kid. Still am. Now I share a home with a disorganized wife, a tornado of a son, and two of the filthiest fancy rats on earth.

    I love 'em all. But I also frequently hide in my home office.

    1. Ooh are fancy rats like those beautiful smooth gray Russian rats? I cared for a pair of those one state fair and just adored them. But since you are a neat dude, I can imagine why you hide in your office.
      Where are the comments from other dirty people? Am I the only one?

    2. Fancy rats can be any color, but they are unified by their single-minded destructiveness.

      Funny, it's almost as if rats are like pests.

  3. Okay, I admit the part about the lightning bugs was hard for me to read. I remember saving earthworms stuck on the sidewalk after a rainstorm (and I still do). But I admit it is creative. I loved making mud pies, too. Ah, what a nice walk down memory lane through your blog. Thank you. :-)

    1. Hey, I did put the warning in there! I am a bug and worm saver too. I also had a pet fly one day when I was little. It must have been fall so the fly was lethargic and hung out with me all morning. Then, my mom told me flies spend most of their time on poop, and my friend had to go.


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