Publication news & other fun!

I have had a happily busy first half of 2023. I’ve been doing so much picture book polishing that my elbows are out of grease! 

I kicked off the year with a retreat at highlights. It was snowy and magical and productive.

During poetry month, I participated in Robert Lee Brewer’s poem-a-day challenge, and I was selected for Poetry Madness. (I only made it one round but had a maddening amount of fun!)

My PB Party entry received an Honorable Mention—it was soooo close! I love that storyJ

I won a copy of Finley: A Moose on the Caboose by Candace Spirizzi and Chantelle & Burgen Thorne (It’s very cute!) and a copy of A Vaccine Is Like A Memory By Rajani La Rocca and Kathleen Marcotte. (Review coming)

In March my poem “Bloom” was published in Little Thoughts Press.

In June I happily received two acceptances: 

My YA short story “He Loves Me Not” was accepted by Ember!

My poem “Row, Row, Row Your Tub” was accepted by Highlights High Five!  


I have had an important learning this year…

I am more likely to get accepted when I submit things. 

It’s true! Turns out, editors are unlikely to zap themselves through the internet into your work in progress file and ask for your stories. If only someone had told me sooner. Shucks! The road to those acceptances was paved with rejections, BUT it’s just litter. You won’t die.

Summer is offering with two amazing contests for nonfiction writing.

(1) SunWriteFun--Write a non fic or info fic story under 200 on the theme Dreams by July 28

(2) Write a nonfiction picture book with Nonfiction Fest by 8/1.


Gotta get back to writing and revising! Happy Summer to all!