Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Subversive and Mysterious

I told you a few posts ago about the subversive story I had been noodling, but I left out an important detail:


For some unknown reason I hadn't typed it up yet. Still I carried its paper-clipped pages and post it notes in my purse. And hence, I lost it.

"Argh!!! I can't eat this.
This story isn't even
(Angry Bear by Malowanki via
I'm confident I'll find it though.

Unless a bear took it. (which might have happened, because the last place I recall having it was at the campsite.)

Most of it is more or less in my head anyway.

It's just hanging out with random song lyrics from the 80s and nursery rhyme warnings of epidemics. It's in good hands. Sort of.

And besides it adds a bit of intrigue that this manuscript is going to put up a fight!

Unless of course it is so grim and disturbing it is just not meant to be found. Mwa-ha-ha!

Do let this cautionary tale serve as today's reminder to safeguard your manuscripts.
Type them up.
Back them up.
Save them to a thumb drive.
Print them in triplicate.
I don't think tattooing them in your armpits is going too far.

Or just keep them on post-it notes in your pocket. I'm sure it will be super safe.

Now, just how did that story start...


  1. Ah, see, I'm much more confident with the stuff that's written on paper! Were they tiny pieces? Maybe you need to have an actual small notebook that won't "disappear" without you hearing it fall or whatever :) I hate losing things! But, to me, all my work in the computer is what makes me nervous! lol

    1. I have 18 versions of every manuscript - print outs, file copies, the computer back up, a thumb drive - except this one. I thought I had typed it at some point, but nope. It was maybe 4 pieces of paper, a few post it notes, and a napkin I believe. The ideas for this one come when I'm not ready!

  2. Good luck finding your manuscript! I definitely back up and use the cloud nowadays.

    1. Someone should seriously clean around here!. I must admit my writing /craft / children's school papers/ office supplies/ girl scout materials closet is a bit cray-cray right now. I guess I need to roll my sleeves up and get to work finding it.

  3. That begs for a poem I tattooed them on my armpits. I hope you remember it!

    1. I'm realizing the problem with the armpit tattoo is that you have to look in a mirror to see what it says, and then the letters are all backwards and it takes awhile to translate it. But that's pretty much the only problem with tattooing your armpits!!

  4. Post it notes in the pocket! I think I've used that back up trick. ;)

    1. I guess I need to have a journal with me all the time. I've been lazy and writing ideas on whatever scraps I can find when they come. I just get overwhelmed with all these journals jam packed with ideas laying around that someone needs to finish and edit. Someone probably means me:)

  5. Once I had to retrieve my ms from the lint screen of the dryer. Best safe guard ever! Hope you find your ms or may it find you!

    1. Wow! I can't imagine it was very easy to read. It would be impossible in my house where even the lint is hot pink and glittery. (ugh. princesses!)

  6. Replies
    1. This might turn into a scary old folk tale where I have to climb into the bear's mouth to find all the pieces and then cut my out with a sharp pencil. MWAAHAHA! (Halloween must be getting to me!)


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