Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunshine Award and 7 Weird Things

I have to admit I've been hoping to get the Sunshine Award because my 4-H nickname was Sunshine. Awww! I know. I'm adorable. 

Imagine my happiness when my lovely friend Leslie Zampetti nominated me!  Leslie and I first "met" in the online critique group "The Yellow Brick Road."  We officially met in person at the NJ SCBWI Conference a couple years ago, with a classic "Squeee! Oh my gosh! Is it really you!" *insert gigantic hug here* Her blog posts pack a double punch with great posts and the blog title "Rear in Gear" to kick you in the pants to sit down and write.

For this award you need to share 10 interesting things about yourself. Now, like Leslie, I find this grueling for everyone, on account of my terribly boring self. And even worse I've shared things before, so I felt obliged to come up with new things. Ugh. I'd rather eat boogers.

1. I don't eat boogers. I may or may not have a kid who does, but I'm not saying because it's not nice to out your children publicly.

2. I once watched monkeys throw poop for 20 minutes. They were literally dumping right into their hands and tossing in one motion. Like a semi-automatic poop gun. My husband scuffed his shoes dragging me away.

3. For story research I've asked 63 strangers what dandelions smell like. This is harder to answer than you may think. I've gotten lemons, salt, candy, dirt, poop, and a lot of "I dunnos." If you know the answer, please comment!

4. The thing I dislike the most about aging is I've started getting dizzy swinging. What the hokie-pokie-turn-yourself-around is the deal with that?  Sidenote: Mom, sorry for making fun of you for getting dizzy when I was little.

5. On the bright side of getting older, I'm only about 30 years away from being able to wear ridiculous hats every day. I should probably start collecting now.

6. I have blamed accidental toots on my children, spiders, and dirty sneakers. But that's not so know you do it too.

7. I like prime numbers. So I'm stopping at 7.

I'm nominating some newer writing friends who have brought SUNSHINE to me this year!
Catherine Constance - Fun and Nonsense 
Lauri Fortino - Frog on a Blog 
Catherine Bailey - the Crooked Book  (check out her goat picture)
Telaina Muir - Imp and the Storyteller
Sarah Maynard - Kid Lit Writer 


  1. That was fun, Lauri! And I haven't heard of those bloggers, will chem 'em out.

  2. A tooting spider. I think you have a picture book there. Especially if said tooting spider eats boogers. Please allow me to critique this story.

    Watching a monkey throw poo is, I imagine, like slowing down for a car wreck. It is oh, so horrible, but one cannot look away.

    1. It really is - you are at once disgusted and excited!

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Lauri! So all I have to do is list ten interesting things about myself and then nominate a few others? OK, I can handle that (I think)!

    1. Yep you can handle it! You can even make up your own rules...we all do it:)

  4. Ha! I've already started collecting kooky hats! ;) I take full credit for my farts (except in school. Then, I blame it on the gassy kid ;) ). And, don't worry - if I had seen the monkeys flinging poo, I'd probably watch for 30 minutes (except if it was aimed at me). :D

    1. Don't you let go of that hat collection! I got rid of a sailor hat when I was 18, and I wish I had it back now.

  5. I thought everyone knew that dandelions smell like, well, spiked lemon. No other smell like it (and it is the OPPOSITE of monkey poop smell!).

    1. spiked lemon?! It seems so obvious now! Thanks!!


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