5 Reasons NaPiBoWriWee is Easier

I'm in the middle of NaPiBoWriWee so there's no time to talk!!!

Actually I do have a little bit of time because I'm shocked to say National Picture Book Writing Week is getting a little bit easier. In this my third year of NaPi, I cooked for my family twice (so far) and cleaned the house yesterday! (usually we fall into a state of squalor during this week)

NaPiBoWriWee is a challenge to write 7 PBs in 7 days with Paula Yoo and guest posts to inspire you. This year's theme is diversity in kidlit. Even if you can't participate in the challenge stop in and read some of the posts. If they don't grease your writing axle, I don't know what will.

5 Reasons NaPi is easier this year

I have notebooks of ideas from PiBoIdMo and my wanderings throughout the year.

I'm less chicken about research which I've learned even the most fictional picture books still require some digging.

I have a better handle on picture book structure. So these early drafts are like puzzles - get the frame done, sort the colors, and call it a good start.

I don't freak out when my mind goes in a MG direction. I enjoy writing MG and no one cares if a MG short story slips in there with my PB drafts.

Most importantly, I've accepted that I'm a really ugly first draft writer. Of course accepting this means accepting the following months (years) of editing.

Knowing how you write makes you feel a little more comfortable in your skin. 

I better get back to draft 5!


  1. Yes, I agree. It does get easier with practice and knowing that if you've completed the challenge in the past, you really CAN do it again! Plus, now there's Pinterest for plenty of writing prompt ideas. Didn't have that before!

    1. What, what, what? Why haven't I been using Pinterest for writing prompts? Thanks Cathy!

  2. I have never heard of this!

    We need to hang out more often. Are you still farting crooked?

    1. Next year will be your year! How does early June sound before the gremlins get out of school and eat all my free time:) I'll send you an email.

  3. In thanks for your many great posts, I'm nominating you for a Sunshine Award. Thank you! Please see http://zampettilw.wordpress.com or http://www.staceywilk.com for details.

    1. Thanks Leslie!!! You always bring a lot of sunshine when I see you at NJSCBWI!


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