Halloween Thank you

I've been meaning to say THANK YOU to Bridget Heos and the Mr. Pig writers at The Little Crooked Cottage for running a giveaway I recently won.  

I received this awesome Mustache Baby prize pack - Signed copy of Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos, mustache playing cards, and mustache binky. I've found sucking on a mustache binky while writing can really drive your creativity, and I'm much less likely to cry during editing.

This week it dawned on me the best way to say thank you is via Jack O'Lantern. So I carved a Bad Mustache pumpkin. He came out quite wicked, wouldn't you say?

If you have not read Mustache Baby, get your hands on it.  For writers, this book will push you to pun-perfection, as in this example when the baby's mustache turns out to be a bad mustache:

Billy's disreputable mustache led him to a life of dreadful crime. 
He became: A cat burglar. A cereal criminal. 
And a train robber so heartless that he even stole the tracks.

Can you guess what illustrator Joy Ang did with those words? It's pun-domonium!

The book is also a great mentor text for how to handle the unusual with everyday ease.  Just because it's highly unlikely for a baby to be born hairy-lipped, doesn't mean you can't write a picture book about it. In fact if your critique group says an idea is "too far-fetched," you better work that idea until no one cares how wacky it is.  

Thank you again to Bridget and Mr. Pig!  Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Congrats on the win. How fun! I adore the mustache jack-o-lantern - looks just like the picture (and yes, it does look wicked :))

    The mustache binky is great! Too bad they didn't have those when my youngest was a baby, I totally would've bought one. He always had a binky in his mouth.

    1. Thanks! Such a great book.

      I'm so glad the binky years are finally over. I don't miss gathering a bag of 10 binkies for long car rides...and by the end of any trip you always hate one binky left, the others all eaten by the car seats or hidden in pockets.

  2. Cool! I like the pumpkin! I couldn't do that. :)

    1. Of course you could! I assume you did a Tomato and Pea pumpkin? :)

  3. Mustache baby? That's just awesome. That's going to be my phrase for the day. Just makes me want to laugh. Awesome carving, Lauri!

    1. Just wait until you get to the last page and see who has a play date with mustache baby! Thank goodness baby snapped out of his bad mustache day in time.


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