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The amazing PB writer Romelle Broas tagged me in the Writers Tell All Blog Hop, and though it sounds like Oprah should be hosting it, the camaraderie of a good hop is important for solitary writer types.  (Thank you, Romelle!)

Question 1: What are you working on?
·                     Wishing on stars and rubbing rabbit's feet following my 7 Submission in July Challenge.
·                     Polishing 1 PB manuscript which I know will be incredible if only I can fully excavate it.
·                     Revising a NaPiBoWriWee draft, drafting a PB from a PiBoIdMo idea, wondering how to incorporate a meditation chant in a picture book...
·                     Critiquing my fellow writers' manuscripts and marveling at the fun ideas they invent.
·                     Wishing for fall to have more writing time while holding on dearly to summer too.

Question 2: How does your writing process work?
My writing process looks like this:
1.                  Idea ... I jot down a feeling, a quote, an emotion to explore, humorous situations and try to pair them up.
2.                  First draft... claws its way out complete with beginning, middle and end on lucky days. More often, it starts as a disparate collection of sentences, question marks, and "something funny happens here" gaps.    
3.                  Second draft... is the one which actually has a fairly complete story, but for some reason I like to leave the funky partially skeletal draft named draft 1. 
4.                  Critique...draft 2 may go out for critique, if I like the bones but would like feedback on how to wrestle the story out. Or I may wait a few more drafts while I privately wrestle the story in a pool of Jello. It's very private.
5.                  Revise! Critique! Sweat! Revise! Critique! Jello! Revise!
6.                  Submit when I think I've achieved polish and hope I researched a publisher who will agree. (usually repeat steps 5 & 6)

It looks like a linear process, but it's actually blobby. I tend to work in surges where I've given myself a deadline (real or imagined) which causes a flurry of editing or writing or ideating. I rarely focus on one piece but rather keep many pieces wet with ink.

Question 3: Who are the authors you most admire?

Well, I'm embarrassed to admit this question required a trip to the library. I have a lot of favorite picture books, but this question asked about authors.   

I love This Moose Belongs to Me, and now that I have checked out the entire Oliver Jeffers collection from the library I can say he is an author I admire. His stories are simple and quirky and meaningful.

I adore reading Kitten's First Full Moon and Little White Rabbit to my youngest daughter.  I borrowed a bunch of Kevin Henkes, and I'll say I admire "modern Henkes." His last decade or so of books are simple and sweet and thoughtful.

I admire Ame Dyckman both for the simplicity of the unlikely friendship in Boy+Bot and also because she has unlocked the secret spell to create picture book magic with 3 (4 now?) more picture books on the way. One to watch!

Now it's my turn to tag 3 writers:  


  1. Wish I could rub a rabbit's foot too, but they run SO fast! I was in the garden yesterday when Daddy Rabbit sprinted past me. Sounded just like hoofbeats!

    1. Y'know Mrs. McGregor, you have to think like a fox to catch a rabbit!
      Or you could try just asking very nicely. With a carrot in your mouth.

  2. Good luck on the 7 submissions! I like your writing process! :D

    1. Oh, Erik, if I got just one yes I would do the craziest happy dance ever!

  3. OhMyGosh! I'm tagged! And I love your process!

  4. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. I like your writing process. The only thing I'd change is jello to chocolate. On second thought, wrestling in jello does sound more fun than wrestling in chocolate.

    1. It would be hard to wrestle in chocolate because wouldn't you just lay down and lick your arms?


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