7 Submissions in July Challenge

I have been floating aimlessly through the summer, slightly overwhelmed by all the fun I'm forced to have and having a hard time finding time to write. Actually, the last few weeks the extreme heat has even turned my floating into more of a slow melting. If it was hard to write while busy with fun, it is even worse gooey.

(image by Constantina Dirica via sxc.hu)
Has my ability to write ended?  Clearly I don't have what it takes to be a writer, because a little bit of sunshine is enough to undo me!  How can I make progress with sun lotion on my hands, blinking lightning bugs, and the roar of happy laughter?

I even turned my malaise into this delightful poem:

            Ahh, summer-
            You cunning knave,
            Tempting me with warm sun,
            Tricking me into hula hooping,
            Calling me to the beach...
            While quietly, sneakily, devilishly
            Stealing my writing time
            Right from under my nose.
            --By Lauri Meyers, 2013

Then déjà vu swept over me. Perusing last year's blog posts, it seems I felt exactly the same way last July 18th when I challenged myself to send 10 submissions in July.

The power of a tough goal with a deadline spurred me into action, and somehow I was able to meet that challenge (though it seems entirely unreasonable right now.)

The one problem with the goal last year was "10" had no significance.  So this year I'm proclaiming "7 Submissions in July!" Y'know, because July is the seventh month.

What's that?

Well, yes, 7 is less than 10.

No, I'm most certainly not being chicken; 7 has significance.

At least I didn't do "8 in August" to get an extra 4 weeks.  

Now, now, stop that! Your loud clucking is distracting me from finishing this blog post.

So who will join me in making a submission goal this July?


  1. Yep, I'll do seven!

    Especially because I am up against a 3 month deadline to submit post NE-SCBWI conference.

    I'm uber-polishing one PB to go out to all the agents willing to read it.

    And then I am going to melt into very sticky, icky mother mode. Sunscreen, bug spray, popsicle drippings and kid sweat seem to have coated every exposed inch of my skin. This is not a Bain de Soleil moment!

    1. Cathy - Same here! The NJ SCBWI was June 7 so I don't have long to take advantage of post conference submissions. That's one of the best things about conferences, so you can't let it slip away.

      Please, please, write a poem about summer stickiness, because I really felt the gummy goo of your words. Do include stepping in some melted bubblegum and maybe a goldfish lost in a crack of gooey asphalt?

    2. Poor fishy!

      Here's the secret...I used to 'write' poems while walking DD to school each morning. One half mile there, and one half mile back home. Then pick up time, another mile. Well, really just a 1/2 mile because my little chatterkins wanted to tell me all about her day. Not much of a talker in the AM though ;-)

  2. Very nice poem, Lauri, and it captures my sentiments as well. Sure, I'll join you in the seven subs in July challenge, though I'm kind of cheating because I already subbed three poems and a craft this month, which leaves just three more to make my goal. Those count, right? Or do you mean book manuscripts only?

    1. Laura- That is not cheating, because, well this challenge doesn't really have any rules. Poems and crafts absolutely count! btw, when you submit a craft do you take your own photos to go with it?

  3. I would love to submit with you but nothing feels ready. Not the PB that needs tons of work nor the chapter book that needs polishing, nor the MG novel that is only 60% complete at 37,000 words. I've spent my summer writing, slathering sunscreen, cheering at swim meets and trying to enjoy the slower pace of summer. Maybe I can get to 9 in September or 10 in October.

    1. Tracy you get to play the other challenge - Write 7,000 Words in July! That's another 20%. Another 7,000 in August and you'll have a first draft done by end of summer. OMG!!!

  4. I think it's better to hold off than to send something that's not ready. How about running similar challenge, Lauri, in say January or February. You know... 1 in January or 2 in February. That would be so conducive to success. =)

    BTW, yes, I take pictures of my crafts. And, YAY! One of my poems which I subbed the first week in July has been accepted for publication in Clubhouse Jr.

    We can do it, ladies!

    1. Yes, we all start working now, we would have to be able to complete 1 in January! :)

      Congrats on your acceptance!! (How awesome would 7 acceptances from 7 subs be?)

  5. I like that idea. :D Good luck!

    1. Erik - you should try it too. You can count your Bucks County Press stories. There are a lot of mags who ONLY take stories from kids (I'm always jealous). "kids" seems too immature for a professional like you. Non-adults? Early humanoid? I'm overthinking this, aren't I?

  6. I wish you well on your submissions! Seven is a lucky number!

    1. Excellent additional reason for "7" besides my cowardice!

  7. You can do it, yes you can, if you can't do it, nobody can!

    Okay...maybe that's not entirely true...but still, "You can do it!" LOL

    1. I think I can... I think I can...
      I have 5 done, but the last two are tougher with only a week to go!


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