Brooklyn Book Festival (Part 1)

I did it! I went to my first writing event - The Brooklyn Book Festival.  Here's how it went:

           A cool breeze made her consider one more safety pee as she walked down the sidewalk.
          No, she thought, five times was enough.  Her foot stomped firmly on the concrete to shake
          out the creeping anxiety.  This country girl from Ohio took each step with commitment,
          feeling independence surging through her muscles.

         You can do this, she thought.  No pitches, no critiques; this is easy.  Just put out your hand and 
          say, "Hi, I'm a writer."  Then do it again and again until you believe it.

         Sunshine warmed her shoulders pulling them a little higher as she entered the city square. 
         Little blue tents all in a row greeted her to come learn more about writing.  She had arrived.

Lauri Meyers Children's Book Writer
You can't take a flip picture
without getting a double chin. 
Yep, I was that nervous!  Which was the exact reason I needed to take advantage of this free (my favorite price) opportunity to be among writers.  I will still be nervous at my first SCBWI event, but maybe I can confidently say my name before I start stumbling over my pitch.  

The event was lovely, and the idyllic 60 something degree weather didn't hurt.  Booths hosted literary magazines, authors, and writing organizations.  I picked up more reading material than I can handle in a year - 10 books for a total of $22. 

I scored a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup dip before hitting a panel with four middle grade writers.   Later this week, I'll share some great insights from the authors.   There were 7 stages hosting poetry readings, author panels, lectures, and illustrator draw-offs.  The Target Children's area had little people chairs and pillows where authors read their picture books to the under 8 crowd.

Lauri Meyers Children's Book Writer
Inspiration from above
If you hit the Brooklyn Book Festival next September, make sure you download the app.  I would have been lost without it.  Oh, and let me know, so we can go together.   I know where every bathroom is now. 

What was your first writing event?   Please tell me you were a little chicken too J


  1. Brooklyn? Wait a sec. Do you live in New York?

  2. Lauri - I went to the William Paterson Univ writers conf in April - it was not as large as the Brooklyn one but I recall the same initial fear so you're not alone! Next year we'll team up and go together :)

    1. I like fear and insecurity in numbers. It's a date!


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